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By Arrowhead
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Further evidence overnight of Labour badly losing it's way in Cambridge. To surrender this seat having secured a 12,000+ majority in 2017, and with one of Labour's most pro-European MP's (Daniel Zeichner) already in place, would be quite an achievement.

By youngian
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Newnham is LD territory so Labour didn’t expect to win but from what canvassers told me of reactions on the doorstep they will be happy it’s as high as 18%.

Even worse this was the Worcester in GE2017

Conservative 24,713 48.1%
Labour 22,223 43.2%
Liberal Democrat 1,757 3.4%

And last night.
By Arrowhead
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I'd spotted the Worcester result but, seeing as Labour had previously only been at 14% I assumed Claines wasn't an especially favourable area in the first place.

I know it won't happen, but if Daniel Zeichner were in a mischievous mood he could stand down as an MP and force the mother of all by-elections on the Labour leadership. I seem to recall he was one of those unceremoniously booted from the shadow cabinet for having the temerity to express support for a softer Brexit which included continued membership of the SM and CU.
By Tubby Isaacs
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Couple of cultists think this is a cunning plan to dodge bad faith questions on anti-Semitism. More likely it was a cunning plan to avoid being asked what Labour's Brexit policy was again.

This is like in 2011-2 when the Coalition didn't want to answer any questions about the slowdown and stuck up (then) backbencher Michael Fallon. Except Labour are in opposition and looking what should be a gift horse in the mouth.

Wes Streeting off his own bat did the Fallon job.
By Tubby Isaacs
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Yeah, I suppose they didn't want another Long-Bailey "Let Boris of the hook".

Peter Dowd is number 2 to McDonnell in the Shadow Treasury. Couldn't they stick him up? Had the same brief for 2.5 years. I feel I ought to know him better than I do. Is he absolutely hopeless or something?
By Tubby Isaacs
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Long game genius, or something.

Labour will get some of those back off the Lib Dems/ Greens. But Johnson will get a few of those Brexit Party voters back in a "people v EU elites" election. And he won't be frozen in the headlines like May or tied down by Big Phil's spreadsheet. People want more cops and nurses? Johnson'll promise them.
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By Malcolm Armsteen
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The Labour Party can't decide if it wants to leave or remain, and the Trots are tearing the party apart in advance of a crucial general election, but there are important policy announcements to be made. ... ys-as-pets
A total ban on keeping monkeys as pets would be brought in under a Labour government to stop up to 5,000 primates being kept in cages in the UK.

Labour announced it would make it illegal to train or keep marmosets, capuchins, squirrel monkeys and lemurs, as the political parties begin to set out their policies ahead of a possible general election this autumn.
The Tories must think they're shooting fish in a barrel.
By The Weeping Angel
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We can learn how to be a socialist and advocate a burka ban. ... melenchon/
In the centrist imagination, “populism” is understood as a caustic, anti-democratic and reactionary aberration on “normal” politics – a base, demagogic and impulsive assault on the pragmatic and sensible. When Corbynism is described disparagingly as “populist” by its opponents, it is done so in order to collapse the antagonisms that Corbynism articulates into the chauvinism of Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson. Rather than abandon this political frontier to the far-right, figures such as Chantal Mouffe and Jean-Luc Mélenchon have attempted to provide the antidote to far-right mass movements with a theory of “left populism”.

In an October 2016 dialogue between Mouffe and Mélenchon, both figures identified contemporary politics as being in a “populist moment”. This claim is vindicated year by year. Even Brexit – a political confrontation perceived in the liberal common-sense as a battle of populism against reason – is ultimately a confrontation of two competing conceptions of “the people” in this populist framework.
By Boiler
Fairly predictable, really. Trumplet is successfully playing Farage at his own game, UKIP have finally disappeared up their arsehole into irrelevance and Labour is haemorrhaging support as the smell of a full-fat, full-English Brexit becomes ever more appealing to the voter in the street.
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