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By Arrowhead
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oboogie wrote:
Tue Sep 03, 2019 5:44 pm
Jarad O'Mara has decided today is a good day to bury a broken promise to resign. ... e-49570403
A bit like Derby North, the constituency of Sheffield Hallam is one that I am entirely comfortable with Labour losing in an upcoming GE.
By Abernathy
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If I've understood it correctly, Labour's policy on Brexit/the EU is now that it is committed to a referendum with the option to Remain on the ballot paper, in all circumstances.

This includes a circumstance that entails Labour having attempted to secure a new Brexit Withdrawal Agreement with the EU, and then possibly - possibly, mind - having secured it, putting that on the referendum ballot paper as the alternative choice to Remain.

The complicated bit is that Labour seemingly plans to decide whether to campaign for the deal that it negotiates, or to campaign to remain - on the basis of an assessment of whether the deal it has obtained is as good as the deal we'd still have if we opted to remain in the EU. It might also give licence to members of the government and MPs to campaign for Remain or for Leave as they saw fit, as Wilson did in 1975.

What's wrong with this ?

Well, on one level, as Steve Richards says, it's not that different from what other referendum advocating parties are offering - there needs to be a defined alternative to Remain on the ballot paper, and if it isn't to be May's rejected deal, it may as well be Labour's version of adeal, presented on the basis of "well, here's the best exit deal that can be obtained - do you want it, or do we stick with the very much better deal we already have as members of the EU?"

The Lib Dems are simply promising a new referendum and are committing unambiguously to a vote to Remain.

But there is the main problem - the Lib Dem policy is much simpler, straight-forward, and easy to understand.

Beyond that, the aiming to negotiate a Labour withdrawal agreement bit is

a. Just un-necessary.
b. Probably impossible. Just as Barnier and the EU have consistently told Johnson that the Withdrawal Agreement cannot be re-negotiated, there is no reason to believe that that line would not hold with Labour in government.

So the policy, by promising to do something which as far as we know cannot be done (re-open negotiations on the WA) risks rejection by a great many Remain-inclined putative Labour voters at the election who are more attracted by the Lib Dems' clear-as-day approach.

Labour could profitably decide to drop the aspiration to negotiate its own Withdrawal agreement in favour of a simple policy to initiate a new referendum at which it will campaign to Remain. To answer the critics saying that Labour is turning its back on 2016 Leave voters in advocating Remain in a new referendum, the emphasis needs to be on the fact that voters are being given another say, not being denied one.

The worry is that Milne/McCluskey/Murphy axis will not allow it, and that McCluskey could fuck things up even more at the Clause V meeting.
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By crabcakes_windermere
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For context, I wonder why the backbencher of the year 2018, who is not a particular critic of the leader, could *possibly* be trigger balloted?

I mean, how bad would it look for a party accused of being soft on antisemitism if she was the first one triggered and it looked to be because she was a member of Labour Friends of Israel?

By Tubby Isaacs
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In fairness to the local members, this is, as I understand it, a quirk of the rule. Far more don't support this than do, but it progresses because of a majority in some branches.

If this is correct, I don't feel like being very fair to the people who pushed this rule. But I might be wrong.
By Arrowhead
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I imagine there will be a few more instances of this sort of thing happening soon, depending on the timing of another GE of course.

This, I understand, is also the same mechanism that allows local Labour members to be shot of the likes of Williamson and Hoey, so it can’t be all that bad I suppose.
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