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By Tubby Isaacs
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Ground game. ... eport-says
Significant regional differences were also revealed in the rate of conversations Labour activists had with voters. While London marginals recorded that there had been 23,000 “contacts” (28% of eligible voters), in Scottish marginals there was a contact rate of just 6.4%, or 4,745 people.

Of the 135 key marginals the staffer analysed, a contact rate of more than 10% of voters was not reached in 56 of them. The report said the constituencies were “either not targeted or targeted weakly”.

Only 25 constituency Labour parties achieved contact rates of more than 20%.
By crabcakes_windermere
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It’s literally the opposite of good advice - join a union? What, so he can owe fees then as well? Fucking hell. The CAB bit is the only info she gives, and even that is of limited use as they’re more to help people about to go bankrupt, not ones who simply seem unwilling to tighten their belts.

Also: the guy says he’ll be debt free in a year if he has a bit of a shit year treat-wise. I’m not belittling how shit being in debt is, but it took me 5 fucking years to shift my student loans. I’d have been delighted to be 1 and done.
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