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By youngian
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The Sinn Féin manifesto was basically our manifesto, so you can see a surge for our kind of politics,” the MP (Long Bailey) said. “Obviously we currently support the Social Democratic and Labour Party

The manifesto for a GE that the SDLP don’t even stand in. Is Becky even aware that there is an Irish Labour Party? Surely she does being so close to an expert on Irish politics like Jez.
By Tubby Isaacs
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Yeah but Irish Labour "IMPLEMENTED AUSTERITY". They ought to have held a vote on the bailout terms among party members. Schauble, Dijsselbloem and co would have said "We can't argue with a MANDATE, fair dos. We're going to give you a ton more money so you can spend your way out of that recession"
By The Weeping Angel
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Well they do have anti-semites in their ranks ... s-1.497043
A newly-elected Sinn Féin parliamentarian has apologised “unreservedly and wholeheartedly” for a string of antisemitic tweets, saying that the remarks were “glib” and “off-the-cuff”.

Réada Cronin, 46, who was elected to represent Kildare North in the Dáil following the Irish general election on February 8, was found to have made a string of offensive tweets between 2012 and 2015.

The messages included comparing Israeli embassy staff to monkeys, alleging that Jeremy Corbyn had been targeted by Mossad, and retweeting a post saying that Hitler was a pawn of a Rothschild-owned bank.

Maurice Cohen, the head of the Jewish Representative Council of Ireland, told Jewish News that the comments were “inaccurate, antisemitic and racist” and that it was “disappointing that her offensive comments have neither been criticised nor condemned by Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald”.
By Malcolm Armsteen
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First CLP meeting back in the party.

What a feckup.

Abysmally chaired, I quote my pal who was there:
Very interesting meeting. Badly managed and incoherent in large part. Malc spot on with his take on things. Windbags hogging time pontificating on what are core beliefs for any Labour member. For me it was worthwhile in order to get the measure of things as they are.
You can see why we are losing what little vote we had. One blowhard was very strong on meeting procedures (he spoke for a total of about 20 minutes) but when asked to do some organising said he hadn't any time. He was the one selling some leftwing rag, which I offended him by refusing. I said I didn't want one and his immediate reaction was to assume I already had it. I said I wasn't buying it because I don't agree with it and his eyes popped on stalks. It had never occurred to him...

Several new members present (attendance up 20 on the last meeting apparently) and I don't think many were Corbyn supporters. I think they may have realised that their time is up.
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