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By youngian
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If No Deal Brexit hasn’t shaken the business sector’s confidence in the Tories then Cummings’s client state should (the control of state contracts through favours and loyalty). Even McDonnell could pitch himself to the City and corporate sector as the saner option if he was still shadow chancellor.
Why wouldn’t you want allies who can hit the Tories where it hurts?
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By Tubby Isaacs
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If I were Labour, I'd take this trade.

Apart from the regular slicing and dicing at PMQs, Labour don't seem to be playing Johnson the man all that much. It's like they don't expect him to stick around, and he's failing anyway.

Sunak handing out free money must be propping the Tory score up, but that can't go on forever.
By Boiler
Bradford MP Naz Shah gets apology for 'horrendous' Leave.EU post
Bradford West MP Naz Shah has received an apology and damages from a pro-Brexit group whose "horrendous" social media post left her facing death threats and abuse. Ms Shah began libel action against Leave.EU after a Facebook post claimed she was a "grooming gangs apologist".

It has issued an apology that accepted Ms Shah was a "vociferous campaigner for victims of grooming gangs". The Leave.EU statement said the post was "ill-judged and untrue".
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By Malcolm Armsteen
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The Jewish Chronicle is not an unbiased or disinterested commentator on Labour Party affairs, but even so this looks pretty damning. ... vhSfqI5CMI
Jeremy Corbyn’s former chief of staff boasted about her involvement in attempts to force out MPs and union officials who had stood up against antisemitism, the JC can reveal.

A series of damning phone messages shown to this newspaper confirm that Karie Murphy admitted being personally involved in moves to “trigger” the deselection of the MPs who quit Labour in February last year citing Mr Corbyn’s failure over antisemitism.

After seven Labour MPs quit the party in February 2019 - including Luciana Berger, Angela Smith, Mike Gapes and Chuka Umunna - Ms Murphy wrote: “F**king idiots. All the work I did to trigger them and they leave before I had the pleasure.”

In another WhatsApp message, Ms Murphy, who was in charge of Labour’s 2019 General Election campaign, also admitted involvement in a successful move to have a union official who had previously called for the party to adopt the IHRA definition of antisemitism removed as chair of the party’s equalities body, the National Executive Committee (NEC).

After Keith Birch of the Unison union was replaced on the NEC by a left-wing representative, Ms Murphy wrote on January 30 last year: “We took out Keith so Unison are p***ed.

“He has been a c**t for years.”

On Wednesday afternoon Labour confirmed they had launched an investigation into Ms Murphy's messages.
For a number of reasons this looks like a story they can stand up.
By oboogie
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Don't know who's behind this, my guess is McCluskey.

"Corbynites create policy group to resist Starmer
The group is run from the parliamentary office used by staff for MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle
Patrick Maguire, Red Box Reporter | Henry Dyer
Saturday October 17 2020, 12.01am, The Times
A group of Labour MPs have established their own policy research operation amid growing left-wing opposition to the leadership of Sir Keir Starmer.
In a break with colleagues from the mainstream of the party, several allies of Jeremy Corbyn are using parliamentary office expenses to fund the Socialist Parliamentary Research Group (SPRG).
The pooled research and writing service has inspired comparisons with the European Research Group that supported generations of Conservative Brexiteers in their guerrilla campaign to shift the Tory position on Europe and eventually brought about the ousting of Theresa May as prime minister.
Labour officials see the emergence as a sign of a renewed intent to resist Sir Keir’s policy platform by the increasingly rebellious MPs on the Corbynite left who have sought to stake out distinct positions of their own since losing control of the party in April.
One source described the group, which is run from the parliamentary office used by staff for Lloyd Russell-Moyle, a left-wing shadow minister who resigned after reports of tensions with Sir Keir’s team in July, as an attempt to establish a “party within a party”.
Most Labour MPs pay into the Parliamentary Research Service, which provides letters to constituents and fields research queries, from their office budgets. Its materials support Labour MPs in their parliamentary work and are thus not overtly party political, but are broadly in tune with the leadership’s priorities and policy positions.
However, analysis by The Times of returns from Ipsa, the Commons expenses authority, shows that a number of Corbynite MPs have instead begun claiming for services provided by the SPRG, which has no public presence beyond a website registered in February, six weeks before Sir Keir’s victory.
Those who have claimed for its research and writing include Diane Abbott, the former shadow home secretary, and Richard Burgon, the former shadow justice secretary and de facto leader of the Corbynite resistance.
Three leftwingers elected for the first time last year, including Mary Foy, the City of Durham MP, who was among seven frontbenchers to quit so they could defy Sir Keir’s whip to abstain on security legislation earlier this week, also submitted £5,000 claims to Ipsa for its services in April and May. Another, Mick Whitley, the MP for Birkenhead, claimed £4,167. All of the claimants were among the 34 MPs who joined the rebellion on the Covert Human Intelligence Sources Bill, legislation designed to permit MI5 agents to commit crimes.
SPRG sources insist the group is not a rival to established channels used by other Labour MPs, and the exact nature of the materials they provide to their subscribers is unclear.
News of its emergence, however, has nonetheless compounded concerns among Sir Keir’s supporters that their internal opponents are co-ordinating their opposition to a leadership determined to break with its predecessor.
The organising nexus of Labour’s hard left has traditionally been the 30-strong Socialist Campaign Group, a caucus established by Tony Benn. It was long derided as an irrelevance by mainstream Labour MPs but grew in strength under Mr Corbyn.
Although it is not known whether the SPRG is formally linked with the Campaign Group, its subscribers are exclusively drawn from its membership.
A spokesman for the SPRG said: “SPRG is not in conflict and/or competition with any other service that MPs may choose to subscribe to under Ipsa rules.” None of the MPs who claimed for the group’s services via Ipsa responded to requests for comment." ... -d3phbn6f5
By crabcakes_windermere
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Given they could barely come up with policy when they were in the top jobs, I’m sure they’ll be devastating in impact :roll:

Funnily enough before seeing this I was just reading a comment by some Corbynite idiot BTL about how awful a Biden win will be as it will mean the left in the US will be ignored for a generation, and how Corbyn’s mistake was not being ruthless. And it’s all so very much bullshit. The left in the US won’t be ignored because they have sharp, clever operators like Ocasio-Cortez and even Bernie isn’t just Jeremy with an accent. But even if they didn’t, painting a Biden win as anything other than saving the US if not the world from the brink of disaster at probably what would be the last opportunity is ludicrously dangerous and petty - unless you can’t accept anything as a win unless it’s fittingly ideologically pure.

And as for Corbyn’s problem being a lack of ruthlessness - it wilfully ignores the fact that when he had everything in place, he did *worse*. It’s not ruthlessness, it’s just a lack of competence. He was crap, he surrounded himself with crap, lazy, talentless sycophants who only told him what he wanted to hear, and he kept people who could have made a difference - including old friends - at a distance so he didn’t have to consider for a moment he was wrong.
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