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By Andy McDandy
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Serves the Tories well to remind the berks in 'Spoons that Labour are all about the students and the queers and the wogs and don't care about them.
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By The Weeping Angel
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Elsewhere there have been demands for the whip to be removed as she undermined the shadow equalities minister by liking a couple of tweets.
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By Arrowhead
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With the Canterbury constituency now possessing a massive student population, Duffield increasingly feels like an ill-suited choice to represent such a seat for Labour. I suspect we'll see serious moves to have her deselected sometime between now and GE2024.
By Boiler
A former Labour MP has quit the party before disciplinary proceedings against him concerning sexual harassment could be concluded, Labour has said.

Kelvin Hopkins was suspended by the party in 2017 after a Labour activist, Ava Etemadzadeh, accused him of inappropriate physical contact.

Ms Etemadzadeh said the ex-MP's exit from the party was "disappointing".

The BBC has attempted to contact Mr Hopkins, 79, for a response, but he has previously denied the accusations.
By davidjay
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mattomac wrote:
Tue Jan 12, 2021 9:46 pm
She knows how many people felt for the last 5 years.

I know there are areas of criticism but he has generally done very little wrong.
You look at the replies and you see that the biggest bugbear amongst the Corbynista isn't his lack of opposition to the government, or failure to back strikes, or anything else of current relevance. It's because he's too soft on Israel. Now, maybe I live in a different world but I can guarantee that if I stopped a hundred people in the street tomorrow (not that I would) and asked them their ten biggest concerns in the world, not one of them would say the plight of the Palestinians.
By mr angry manchester
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Socialism in its purest form is rejected time and time again by a large majority of the electorate. I think this is what a political bubble like Mailwatch tends to hide, Im not saying this is right, but we can't live in an echo chamber.

A major issue is the media, 95% of it is right wing and left wing commentators like Novara Media, Laurie Penny and Owen Jones range from idiocy to complete wet wipes and Labour voting areas which switched to Tory at the last election don't consume media the way we do,they pick bits up off the TV news and read the Scum/Heil/Express like they always have. Take my Dad, he worked all his life in a mill, apart from the army in world war 2, and floated between Labour and the Tories, and read the Express. The far left of the party think that being socially conservative is incompatible with voting Labour so the Tories did a fantastic job of convincing traditional Labour voters in such areas that Labour was now a party of the elite.

Yes, the Tories win on the media game, helped by the fact that the far left (Corbyn end) of the party reject and ignore concerns that people who would normally vote Labour have.

I am passionate about this as the Tories are leading us into an abyss, but I feel we are pissing in the wind with Labour in its current form. I don't apologise for being a centrist, and I do have socialist ideals, just a different view of how you implement them and the first step is getting into power, without that you are nothing. The far left think they are morally pure, but poor people can't live of shit Chartwell food parcels and be ideologically pure can they?

The issue is that old school Labour, like me, has left wing economic views and fairly conservative social ones while well off middle class metropolitan types want to ban carbon. How do you get these two very different groups to vote for the same party?

Again, the media, when left wing outlets like the Guardian focus on stuff like bad conditions of employment in the gig economy they make good points, but a lot of the time they just babble on about stupid shit like gender issues in kids TV which is why white van men detest them.

I think a party which offers left wing economics and shuts the fuck up about transsexuals, carbon footprints, the middle east etc would win an election. Liberals would probably still vote for them, or Lib Dem/Green and pissed off ex Labour voters would come back, Brexit will be increasingly seen as a massive fuck up, which the Tories will have to own, and the liberal end of the electorate are less likely to vote Tory than white van man is when you piss them off.

Finally, opinion polls. Ignore them completely, they're useless, I put them in the same category as horoscopes.

Rant over
By Cyclist
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I'm glad you didn't apologise for being a Centrist. I don't know which version of Mailwatch you normally visit, but I can assure you *this* one is populated with Centrist Melts who have all been told at one time or another to "fuck off and join the Tories", so you won't find much dissent to your views. You'll like it here with us. *And* - we've got a railways thread! 8)
By youngian
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Finally, opinion polls. Ignore them completely, they're useless, I put them in the same category as horoscopes.

Rant over

You shouldn’t have ended the rant with a flippant, factually incorrect conspiracy that Corbynites espouse.

As for your Littlejohn land stuff placing the climate change crisis in the same category as trans politics debates in the Guardian, do leave off.
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By mr angry manchester
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I care about the plight of the vulnerable, the sick, the poor, the old. I agree with the greens on a couple of points like wasteful throw away consumerism and over development in green belt, but I have a problem with the way the issue has been turned into a quasi religious, obsessive cult. It doesn't put food on the table, a lot of people find it a big turn off, I find the whole subject very boring.

There's a culture now in this country of sort of working class made sort of good, and they are the foot soldiers of cuntery. They usually have *executive " in their job title even though it's a fairly low level office job, live in a new build house and drive a car on tick.

They watch shite on Channel 5 like "Benefits by the Sea" so they can have someone to look down on and mask the fact that they, themselves, are an unremarkable drone. What do you do about these?

Another thing is that market forces cease to function at the extreme end of poverty. Take washing machines, a poor person can't get credit so has to go to somewhere like Bright House where they have to pay monthly, and it costs 30% more, whereas everyone else can go to Currys and get it on 0% so the poorest pay more.

Issues like this are a priority, or should be.

Oh and opinion polls. I don't think they're a conspiracy, I just think they're guesswork and largely bollocks
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