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By youngian
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Projective Unity wrote:
Sat Feb 06, 2021 10:40 am
Malcolm Armsteen wrote:Has Bastani been suspended? I can't see his feed as he has blocked me.
From Twitter? No he's still there chuntering away. If you're talking about his membership of Labour, well he's saying that he cancelled his membership ages ago.
I believe Bob Woodward was a registered Republican in his youth before his career required him to follow a non-partisan path. A wise choice, I wouldn't want to see Woodward, Bernstein or Bastani lose their journalistic credibility.
By The Red Arrow
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Labour MP threatens legal action over maternity leave for top ministers

Exclusive: Stella Creasy threatens action against plans to give cabinet ministers more rights – as she discloses she is pregnant
“There’s no difference between myself and the attorney general in terms of the impact of having a baby on you,” she said. “We are in an environment where thousands of pregnant women are facing risks in the workplace, including the risk of the loss of their job. The message that we’re sending is that we treat maternity leave like a benefit, like a company car. In other words, only paid maternity leave for management.”
She said it was an “extreme measure” for any MP to consider legal action but she believed she had been misled two years ago that swift reform to maternity rights was not possible – when now the government intended to pass a bill in a single day. ... -ministers
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