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By new puritan
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A rather ropey-sounding idea from IPPR.
Plans for a student-loan-style welfare reform – under which people who lose their jobs could receive higher benefits, then repay the extra when they return to work – are being examined by Labour as it seeks to counter claims that it lacks radical policy ideas.

The scheme, which aims to prevent people spiralling into debt, home repossession and relationship breakdown when they lose their jobs, is being considered by the party's policy review, chaired by MP Jon Cruddas.

Under the plan – called "national salary insurance" and developed by the IPPR thinktank – people with sufficient national insurance contributions would be entitled to receive up to 70% of their previous income, capped at £200 a week, for a period of up to six months, to help prevent them falling off a financial "cliff edge". ... unemployed" onclick=";return false;

I think this focus on contribution is very dodgy, to be honest. It might resonate with some sections of the middle class - let's face it, the middle classes aren't ones to look a gift horse in the mouth when it comes to state handouts - but although it might be unfashionable, I'd rather we focused our attentions on those who actually need a helping hand from the welfare state most of all. I really don't think this is the best way to go about it.

Many people can only find an intermittent series of low-paid, insecure jobs - we have a massive pool of precarious labour. In these circumstances, it becomes very difficult to build up NI contributions, and obviously these are the people who tend to be in the greatest need. So to me, the idea of handing more money to those with the most NI contributions sounds a bit like taxing the middle class to give benefits to the middle class. Though I had been under the impression that you pay NI in to get benefits out when you need them, rather than being handed a loan.

I'm a bit fed up with this focus on 'incentives to work', as well. The prospect of a secure, well-paid job is all the incentive most people need - it's just that they're in very short supply. Fiddling about with the benefits system isn't going to change that.
By The Weeping Angel
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I don't know what the hell Ed Milliband was doing meeting George Galloway ... -meet-him/" onclick=";return false;
By Abernathy
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Indeed. When Stalin MacBroon invited Thatcher round for a cuppa and a sardine sandwich, he wasn't sorting out a Labour membership card for her. Same goes for Georgie boy. This is a desperate Mail guff story.
By new puritan
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There's no way Labour would even contemplate letting him back in. He's absolutely toxic, as his recent rape apologist shenanigans amply demonstrated. There'd be uproar among the membership as well as the PLP if he was allowed back. I do wonder who's fed the Mail this story, though. Almost certainly a source from within Labour.
By Abernathy
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Why any time? Could be Miliband just wanted to get Galloway's take on a few things. After all they are both, broadly speaking, on the same political and philosophical side. Maybe Galloway has a lottle known expertise in taxidermy that Miliband wantd to benefit from.

It"s of zero import, and nothing worthy of you getting your knickers in a twist, LJB.
By new puritan
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Progressites are still whining about the European selections process, even though there's no shortage of shortlisted Progress-backed candidates. What appears to have provoked their ire is the exclusion of Anne Fairweather from the London shortlist. Looking at her background, it's perhaps not hard to see why she didn't make the cut:
Is it a priority to include someone with the experience of representing bankers or the providers of agency workers? For Comrade Fairweather’s experience does include being Director EU Government Affairs of the British Bankers’ Association, and Head of Public Policy at the Recruitment and Employment Confederation which represents employment agencies. In the last capacity, she advocated “the flexible resource of agency labour” and warned that “the move towards full employment rights could limit job creation through the hiring of temporary staff.” I suspect most party members would regard such experience, at best, as interesting but non-essential. ... he-fixing/" onclick=";return false;
By new puritan
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Just seen this about the Heygate estate stitch-up currently being overseen by Labour-run Southwark council. Perhaps one of our London posters can tell us a bit more. It certainly seems pretty repugnant.
Developers of the Heygate Estate in south London have been condemned by a local MP for replacing council housing with expensive flats being offered for sale in the Far East.

Liberal Democrat Southwark MP Simon Hughes said selling properties on the Elephant & Castle regeneration scheme to foreign investors was “an insult” to the community.

His remarks came after Australian-based property group Lend Lease began selling the first of about 3,000 new homes planned for the area over the next 15 years.

Although they will not be completed before 2015, the first of 235 new flats in Phase I, Trafalgar Place, have gone on sale in Asia. There will be seven buildings ranging from four to 10 storeys, with prices starting from £310,000 for a one-bedroom flat.

Agent Colliers International has been appointed to market the flats to overseas buyers, “with a particular focus on the Asian markets”. Mr Hughes, deputy leader of the Lib-Dems, said: “Selling abroad at very high prices the first homes to be built to replace the council homes is just a further insult to the local community.”

Confidential documents showed that Southwark council spent about £44 million emptying the Heygate Estate but will receive just £50 million from Lend Lease. Other costs to the council could leave it out of pocket. ... 82422.html" onclick=";return false;

Southwark was also using lie detector software to catch out council tax benefit claimants last year, incidentally. Cornwall Council were doing the same, and even the Tory leader felt compelled to resign in protest back in January.
By The Weeping Angel
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It does concern me what Labour councils are doing, obviously many are being kneecapped by Pickles. But the actions of Southwark council really piss me off as it makes me wonder what the fuck there playing at.
By new puritan
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I can understand why many Labour councillors feel their hands are tied. Local government's ability to raise and spend money has been restricted for the last 30 years, and nobody wants Pickles charging around their town hall. But Southwark appear to have gone right off the deep end and it raises questions about what's going on in Labour circles down there.
By new puritan
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Reshuffle impending, apparently. ... -reshuffle" onclick=";return false;

Not before time. Twigg out, Nandy in for starters please. Obviously I'd be delighted to see the back of Byrne but Miliband keeps defending him from his critics in quite forthright fashion, which suggests we're stuck with him for at least a while yet. It'd also be good to get Jim 'Trident' Murphy away from defence, but I'm not really expecting it. I'd quite like to see Karen Buck get a promotion, too. Ian Mearns would be a welcome addition to the frontbench as well, but I suspect he pissed on his chips by rebelling on workfare.
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