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By Bones McCoy
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visage wrote:So are we getting to the point where the politically savvy choice is to officially oppose Brexit?

And if we are, will Corbyn take it?
Today we got clear blue water.

Starmer's for single market and customs union.
May in the commons specifically ruled both out, along with any Swiss, Norwegian or Canadian solution - having a good old sneer as she went.
By Tubby Isaacs
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There's still the immigration "problem". Without admitting that it isn't a problem at all, Starmer and all are cake and eat it merchants.
By Timbo
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To be fair, immigration is a bigger issue for the right than the left - but not in the sense you'd imagine. The left have the means at their disposal to actually mitigate the impacts of over-supply of non-graduate labour, through higher minimum wages, stronger labour protections etc. The Tories have not only opened Pandora's Brexit Box but simultaneously managed to get themselves locked inside it.

I'm fairly certain the EU would be willing to bend somewhat on allowing us to interpret free movement rules a lot more strictly than in the past, in a similar manner to that already done by Sweden and a few other members. Combined with some properly adjusted domestic policy, the left could neutralise the issue in a constructive way, rather than May's demented fantasy of completely controlling the borders of the UK for the first time in history.
By Tubby Isaacs
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May's trying to present registering EU arrivals after March 2019 as a new policy. She could have done that from 2015, or 2010- though they'll likely claim that Clegg blocked it. I don't think they even suggested it in Opposition.
By youngian
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Caroline Flint's constituents don't mind skilled immigrants she told us today but not unskilled ones so locals can then be upskilled for the unskilled jobs. We need to be able to turn the tap on and off Caroline struggled. A concept currently known as advertising for vacancies. On the whole those who said you can't talk about immigration but talked about nothing else are talking less about it these days now the realities are somewhat more complex.
By mattomac
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Options existed to restrict migration, Germany took them, the Tories just harped on about Labour not doing so.

I reckon Starmer is for a Norwegian type deal, I think Labour through no actual pressure have got the Tories discussing "No Deal" which basically is horrific on so many levels.
By mr angry manchester
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I think you are right on the Tories and no deal. It will be a catastrophe which they have no plans for.
By Andy McDandy
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I think that it's hubris in action.

The Tories approached negotiations as if they were a formality. Had they any sense of - well, sense - they'd have appointed a non-partisan chief negotiator who would not have had their own obligations and ambitions to juggle with the national interest. Such a figure could be answerable to parliament, in case anyone's thinking unelected Mandarin.

But the ones driving this piece of shit - Dacre, Gallagher and so on - don't want mutual respect or a successful outcome. Compromise? Fancy word for cop-out. They want blood. They wanted either a walk over by us, or a cold rebuttal. Anything to show that all foreigners are fiends and abroad is bloody.
By Malcolm Armsteen
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mr angry manchester wrote:I get the feeling now that the country is being run by Dacre.

Who voted for the cunt?
Lord Rothermere, Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May.
By Kreuzberger
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Jared O'Mara. Despite his comments suggesting otherwise, my gaydar is bristling. Any of the other non-heteros on here getting the same sense?
By mattomac
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Several people have commented.

Personally he looks like the kind of person who messages you constantly on Grindr and yet you’ve told you are not interested.

The guy is an utter prick and I hope has the whip removed very soon.

And the reaction by some of the MPs who should know better is pathetic.
By Kreuzberger
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The lad's got the boot. the tories are crowing but I wonder if they will come to regret it.

It is now open season on the DUP.
By MisterMuncher
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Paisley Jr was blatantly pissed on Twitter t'other night, insulting all round him. Will that do?
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