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By mattomac
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Tubby Isaacs wrote:
Mon Nov 26, 2018 4:53 pm
Labour aren't in power in Israel either, though that's never stopped Corbyn or Rosen before.

But I don't think Hutton is right there. Owen Smith would potentially have not shut off freedom of movement, and maybe Kendall as well. But Burnham is totally unreliable on this stuff (despite having some ability) and ditto Cooper.
Smith was one of the first calling for a second vote, Starmer was backing him on that during his run. Infact that's the interesting thing about all this, Starmer backed Smith for leadership.
By Andy McDandy
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Well, that's taking a whole load of shit for granted...

When will these meme people realise that calling yourself high priest trot dog or count Duckula or whatever doesn't make you look totes dark and edgy, but in fact it just makes you look like a bit of a prat? It's about as edgy as Vanilla Ice*.

*A fleeting "wigger" hip hop star famous for about a month in 1991.
By phil1979
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KevS wrote:
Tue Dec 04, 2018 4:55 pm
Crikey, 27 years since Ice Ice Baby?

Not that I bought it. Oh no.

*Runs finger under suddenly too tight collar*
28 years in fact. Knocked off the number one slot by Cliff Richard's 'Saviour's Day'. A truly golden period for pop.
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By Silkyman
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What Labour should be saying about the Article 50 decision today: ‘The government have once again spent taxpayers money on a failed attempted to stop MPs knowing the truth about a key matter for this debate. This proves all options are on the table and for them to try and hide this from Parliament is a further disgrace.

What we got: Meh.

‘Shami Chakrabarti on ECJ ruling: it will be music to some people ears but it won’t change very much.’
By cycloon
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If the analysis offered is accurate, i.e. that defeat = a chance for progress, I don't get why the Labour leadership wants it. Leninism triumphed despite a lack of popular support, not because of it, nationally (and thus it relied on the contradiction of revolution in an agrarian society). There are probably better examples from more recent history of a far-left platform succeeding electorally in light of a disastrous recent past, but the Big One ain't an example for anything but how ruthlessness and violence pays. Furthermore, as Cohen observes, if we look at Britain, the attitude of the proletariat isn't necessarily 'let's go left'.
By visage
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Its a long held tenet of these kinds of radical ideologies that the people are too comfortable with their decadent capitalist lifestyles, and will only embrace the radical future if they're somehow shocked out of it.

Out of the ashes of Brexit will rise the phoenix of radical Corbynism.

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