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By Andy McDandy
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Wait for every other ideology to burn out, then present yourself as the only people with anything resembling a plan. Take over by default.

Yeah, that's the Labour plan.
By KevS
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Right guys, the Tories are imploding before our eyes! They're in absolute war with each other! This is where Labour can surely swoop in and form the next...

.... Oh, never mind.
By cycloon
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As our resident Corbyn representative maintains, elections are different to average polls.

That said, one does suspect that so much is assumed in terms of Labour's apparent strategy. Either they get the keys to the castle after it's been looted, or they... don't. Either way, they face years of difficulty.
By Boiler
mr angry manchester wrote:
Mon Dec 17, 2018 10:54 am
Er, they did have cars in the eastern bloc, Skodas, Moskviches, Wartburgs and so on.....
Tatra, Trabant, Dacia, Volga, Lada.... ... viet_Union
By Big Arnold
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Labour MP guilty of lying over speeding charge

Fiona Onasanya colluded with brother to blame former lodger for driving offence ... ing-charge

She is also a solicitor, but probably not for much longer.
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