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By The Weeping Angel
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Boiler wrote:
Fri Jun 07, 2019 1:12 am
Well... that was unexpected;

A tiny majority (again) of just 683, but that's all that matters.
Ah fuck there going to milk this for all it's worth.
By spoonman
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Story going around the count centre was that Farage made a late entry to the building via a rear entrance, and once he got word of the final result he got out of there via the same door quick as a flash, with the BXP candidate doing the same moments later before the result was officially announced! All ready to bask in the glory but then don't even hang around to give a conciliatory speech or even appear on stage.

The Gammonati and alt-right smoke blowers are, online at least, not taking this result well. :lol:
The Weeping Angel wrote:Ah fuck there going to milk this for all it's worth.
Labour winning/retaining the seat is by far the lesser of two evils here. Any momentum (see what I did there?) that Farage and the BXP had going into this by-election in one of the most "leave" parts of England has, where they performed strongly in the recent EU elections, where 24 hours ago the odds of them winning were in around 1/8 with bookmakers, has just come to a shuddering halt. Maybe Trump's comments on the NHS had an effect, maybe Labour did well to get their vote out on the ground, maybe remainers in the constituency might have "lent" their vote to Labour to stop a BXP win as they were the only realistic choice to do so. Desperate times can call for what would usually be unthinkable in the past. On paper all the stars were aligning to give the BXP their first MP but they ended up as a certain someone would say, a "stone cold loser". I'll take the whooping, cheering and self pats on the back from the Corbyn cultists for a few days over what would have been the case had Labour lost here.
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By Big Arnold
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Good news. UKIP never won a seat in the UK parliament, and it looks like the Brexit Party won't do any better. Not if they can't even win a by-election in the present circumstances.
No manifesto, and one aim which will be achieved if we leave. Why would anyone want it running the country?
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