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By Abernathy
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You know that horrible Thatcher and the destruction she was responsible for ?

All Labour's fault. That is according to Master Akehurst. ... er-happen/
By new puritan
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Typically oversimplified narrative. There were real tailwinds behind the Thatcherite counter-revolution - her election came right at the tail end of an almost decade-long global crisis of capitalism. Thatcherism didn't happen in isolation, it was part of an international paradigm shift. Akehurst overlooks the fact that Callaghan still managed to lose in '79 despite shifting to the right and making the initial turn to monetarism; evidently it didn't do much to save his government. He also doesn't mention that his hero Kinnock moved the party to the right after the Foot years and then comfortably lost two elections despite largely cutting the grassroots members out of the policy-making process.

It's also worth looking at the record of other labour parties which were in government in the 1980s. The New Zealand Labour government of David Lange implemented a brutal programme of cutbacks and privatisations ("Rogernomics") that was arguably more Thatcherite than Thatcher. And it does piss me off a bit that Foot's not much more than a figure of fun to some people. He had a grasp of history, culture and politics which the empty suits that Akehurst and his ilk fawn over could never hope to match.
By youngian
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Worth noting that the mid 80s boom made every leader in the Western world unassailable for the next few years. It was not policy under Kinnock and Foot that excluded them from power but the fact the party looked ungovernable. Any leader that was not competent enough to manage their party probably can't manage anything else. As a consequence Labour does its dirty washing in private and is far by the most disciplined opposition in living memory.

Assuming the Tories will not increase their seats at the next election (a fairly safe assumption), it will lead to 30 years since the Tories last won a parliamentry majority. And that is part of Thatcher's legacy, as they are now incapable of becoming a disciplined centrist party.
By The Weeping Angel
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I would much prefer it if people would remember Foot for his time as employment secretary and Leader of the House commons. But I do believe that Denis Healey should have been elected leader in 1980
By Tubby Isaacs
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Healey had been Chancellor for the austerity, and was too divisive to be leader. Poor old Foot was the best bet as unifier (with Wilson out of the reckoning) but it was an impossible job. The chasm between the leadership and the grassroots was too big. Not that I blame only the leadership for that by any means.
By The Weeping Angel
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The chasm between the leadership and the grassroots was too big. Not that I blame only the leadership for that by any means.[/quote

Yes and Benn's decision to run as deputy leader did little to help this
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