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By The Weeping Angel
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The Progressive has said Labour needs to revise its target seat plan and focus on those marginal seats still held. However this passage defies belief.

There has been a war in Gaza, during which Ed Miliband threw Israel under the bus, disenchanting north London’s Jewish community. In other words, the world has turned since 2010, when many voters in these seats clung to Labour in the midst of economic turmoil and out of fear of a Conservative government.
By new puritan
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The real problem with Caroline Lucas and the Greens: they might strengthen the hand of the Labour left. Apparently.
As Labour MPs looking for an end to austerity policies become more coherent, as exemplified by the recent joint demands on Miliband, Lucas becomes a greater danger. While she might not be the leader of her own party, she could in a minority or coalition Labour government be the leader of a rump of far-left 20 or so Labour MPs that hold the government to ransom in a way the United Kingdom Independence party tendency has Cameron. In arguing for an agenda that keeps Lucas’ one vote onside with the government they will be implicitly threatening the vote of all 20. ... ot-friend/" onclick=";return false;
By Tubby Isaacs
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There've always been Labour "far left" MPs. They've never showed much interest in rallying round anyone outside Labour, and have been (considering the number of times they've been used as a punchbag to show how "modern" the party is) commendably loyal.

1 MP from the Greens isn't going to change that.
By new puritan
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Can't stop gawping at this. This bloke's the big cheese at Progress.
Last night was the first official night of the event. My night ended, as it does most years, in a disco with many of my nearest and dearest. Like every year I can remember it concluded with D:REAM’s Things Can Only Get Better made infamous in Labour circles from its role in the 1997 general election. For the first time I neither sung not danced. I simply stood." onclick=";return false;
By mikey mikey
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Abernathy wrote:Richard's a lovely bloke, but he can be a bit of a drama queen.
Ya think?
The result of the Labour leadership election was hurtful
Not content with simply winning, Corbynistas want to rub moderates' noses in it
because it is personal
this sense of rejection
bullying and intimidation
I wonder how he would have felt in Jeremy's shoes. :roll: ... 94116.html" onclick=";return false;
By Malcolm Armsteen
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new puritan wrote:Jesus H. Can just picture all the Progress chin-strokers nodding sagely along. Workers of the world, tart up your CV!

Except that isn't what he's saying, is it?
He's saying that what we need is a more educated, enlightened, better trained workforce. Adding value, adding human satisfaction, adding dignity in labour.

But, of course, it's easier to sneer than to think...
By The Weeping Angel
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I haven't blocked anyone apart from him and Mikey. Up till last year as a rule, I only ever blocked obvious trolls like Beaboyd.
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