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It's getting messy.
Victim or self-obsessed fantasist? Selfie-loving MP's wife Karen Danczuk claimed this week she poses for sexy snaps because she was abused as a child. Her mother and brothers tell a different story
‘I haven’t a clue who this person is, because we never had a family friend that visited regularly,’ she insists. ‘Karen shared a bedroom with her sister, Claire. I would never have let a man up the stairs ... z3SfBt1E56" onclick=";return false;

Man, 36, arrested and bailed over Karen Danczuk sex abuse claims says he is part of 'X Factor sob story'
Mrs Danczuk, the wife of crusading anti-child sex abuse MP Simon, revealed last week that she was allegedly raped and sexually assaulted 'hundreds of times' as a child at her family home in Manchester
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Yep, messy. Her original story was that she was raped hundreds of times from the age of 6 by a man in the family's social circle. If the police have arrested a 36 year old, then that's someone who would have been 11 when the abuse started. It's entirely possible for an 11 year old to rape, it's just not her original claim. She may have changed some details for good reason (to protect someone perhaps?), but at the moment she's not said why the story has changed.

The Mail pushes a 'false rape agenda' giving great publicity to such cases. It also reports rape in a titillating way. This case has allegations of rape, allegations of false rape claims by her family, plus cleavage selfies. It's also got a quite damaged crazy lady (a la Liz Jones) at the heart of it, and a couple of people who are no credit to the Labour Party. It's Dacre's wet dream.

I work from the assumption that someone who says she's been abused is telling the truth, unless there's evidence to the contrary. Just because I don't find her likeable that doesn't mean she's untruthful. The problem is that if all this turns out not to be true, then the Mail will use this against genuine victims for years to come.
Slow motion car crash.

Revealed: MP's selfie queen wife says it's her brother who raped her... and he hits back claiming it's an outrageous falsehood ... z3T2OK6pL6" onclick=";return false;
It's a hunt by a pack of bullies on a woman who clearly has a number of issues, from childhood abuse to apparently very low self-esteem. It couldn't be calculated more finely to make her difficulties even worse.
I think it might be opportune to lock this thread for now. Whilst I know the mainline of posters here are decent humans, I'm also aware that troll accounts aren't a new thing here, and I've no wish to see the kind of misogynist shit that they'd be spewing.
Jeremy Corbyn.

Try and come up with a more original response.


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