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By Abernathy
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I think we are probably going to need this thread.

So far, here's what I'm thinking :

Surprised but content that Chuka has thought again about contesting the leader vacancy. I really don't think he would have been right, and not an asset to the party as leader.

Burnham : I'd be very happy if Andy were to emerge as Labour's new leader, but I'm somehow not inclined to vote for him.

Kendall: Don't know a great deal about her other than that her husband is the tall standup comic Greg Davies. She has yet to impress me, but I'm not ruling her out.

Creagh : She spoke at a fundraiser I attended and I was very favourably impressed by her passion, her burning anger at injustice, and her sheer personability. Again, not ruling her out.

Cooper: In my view, a genuinely impressive senior politician with the gift of clarity of vision and, like Creagh, the burning anger against injustice that I consider to be essential. I've been lucky enough to spend some extended time in her company and I genuinely like her personally too. At the moment, Yvette is getting my vote. I do realise she'll be attacked as "Mrs Balls", but you might as well complain about the weather.

Hunt : Don't think he's serious.

More generally, I'm pleased that most of the candidates so far are women. The time is right for the rise of an anti-Thatcher.
What about Starmer? Too soon? Mrs A rates him. And he's called Keir. Powerful intellect, good background.

Like you, Abers, I was slightly relieved when Umunna withdrew. I was discussing him yesterday with my d-i-l who would go for him, and I had to say that I think he would go down like a lead pigeon north of the Wash. Too Metro but also too black. And time is on his side, if he makes a name for himself as shadow business, or even chancellor now that Ed Balls has gone (if he actually has).

I like Burnham, but I'm always in mind of George Bernard Shaw's line in the introduction to Pygmalion, "It is impossible for an Englishman to open his mouth without making some other Englishman hate or despise him." I think Andy (much admired in our local party) has the wrong accent. Just as people seem to naturally trust a Scots accent they distrust Liverpool. I like his record and I think he would be an effective communicator if the press ever put the megaphone down. He'll be hammered over things he didn't do, and he already has the permanent look of a kid who's about to tell you why he didn't do his homework.

I'm seeing a lot of people supporting Yvette Cooper, but many of them are doing it purely on the grounds of her gender, with no analysis of her political stance. I find her a bit too much of an apparatchik, but that may be because of her association with Ed Balls. I'm interested in Abernathy's judgement on her (partly because he knows whereof he speaks) as it's about her passion. If she can show that, and not frighten the horses, I may go for her.

Hunt has the advantage of being a media type (look where that got Gove) but unlike Gove he's good looking, personable and comes across well on TV. Politically he's bland. He would need someone to play the role Prescott did with Blair.

Kendall - I had to look her up when I first saw her name mentioned. Creagh I know, but really neither of them have enough of a profile either inside or out of the party to make headway.
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Look I can see where people are coming from with Starmer but it's just too soon, I mean don't get me wrong he'll make a great MP and he'll be great at sticking it to Gove. At the moment I'm torn between Cooper and Kendall. I saw Cooper really stick to May over human rights and if she can do that To May then Cameron will have no chance.
By youngian
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All these candidates are known to the public and will make up their minds fairly rapidly as they did Milliband (wrongly in my opinion), how long do you want go give them?

Cameron was a new in-take MP when he became leader and learned the ropes on the job. Starmer is in a different league to Cameron and has already served at the heart of government with great respect and distinction. If I was in CCHQ I wouldn't bet on a slimeball PR man like Cameron coming out smelling of roses against someone like that.

Do you want a new leader with gravitas with an inspirational back story who may mistakes in the first year but experience shows he can learn the ropes fast?

I'll be fucked if I want to be stuck with hacks like Hunt, Kendall and Cooper whose leadership will be defined by apologising for yesterday's agenda that the Tories set. And we'll be stuck with them for five years because the party hasn't the stomach to knife them sharpish when they are shown to be useless. (yes my good friend Theo Kretchmar-Shuldorf has told me a few home truths*).

Moving from the judiciary to high office is not unusual in some Western countries.

But you should ask what makes a former civil rights lawyer with little experience in an elected position think he can just step up to the plate and take the top job" onclick=";return false;

* And the narrative that the Tories and Murdoch won't be able to attack Our brave boy Dan Jarvis because its just not cricket old boy shows how fucking deluded many in this party are.
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youngian wrote:
* And the narrative that the Tories and Murdoch won't be able to attack Our brave boy Dan Jarvis because its just not cricket old boy shows how fucking deluded many in this party are.
Yeah: Let's not imagine that Katie Hopkins or Kelvin McKenzie will develop scruples.
By youngian
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Bones McCoy wrote: Yeah: Let's not imagine that Katie Hopkins or Kelvin McKenzie will develop scruples.
I'm not concerned about peripheral comedy acts but Cameron and the rest of his class that have had centuries of practice homing their act to convince the great unwashed they play by gentleman's rules. It was 500 yrs ago that Machiavelli observed that the prince always goes hunting in order to survey his domain and learn how to defend it in the minutest detail. They're still tally ho hunting.
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If he did, I think we'd all see the fastest journey from Our Brave Boys to Fucking Useless Bonehead Squaddie (via Colonel Blimp) you could imagine.
By youngian
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It looks like Ken (who very rarely Tweets) is swinging behind Starmer or at least hinting what a pack of losers are currently on offer:
Ken Livingstone @ken4london
PLP has a duty to provide grassroots members with a broad choice. The #keirforleader campaign is message to MPs - you must widen the field
And while Ch4 news last night reported a head of steam for Starmer, Torynight on BBC2 decided not to even mention him on their lead story on the Labour leadership. Just saying.

And while I'm at it ranting about what a pack of tossers run Newsnight they reported that Jazz fans all over the world were saddened to hear of B B King's death. Followed by a tribute interview with Gene Simmons from Kiss.
Getting ridiculous now. Somebody on Facebook has just reported that Keith Vaz is "taking soundings" about whether he should run for Labour leader.

Dawkins help us. Things really will have come to a desperate pass if the answer is Keith Vaz.
By youngian
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Given Chuka's press intrusion problems how about Toronto Mayor Rob Ford? he doesn't give a fuck.

Meanwhile Stella or Tom for the deputy post still remains an attractive proposition
Labour Matters ‏@labourmatters
Caroline Flint enters Deputy Leader contest.

Michael Crick ‏@MichaelLCrick
Keir Starmer for Labour leader may sound outlandish. He's 20-1, but Crick's law of leader elections is the freshest contenders usually wins
By youngian
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Littlejohn's brain wrote:he'll make a great MP and he'll be great at sticking it to Gove. At the moment I'm torn between Cooper and Kendall. I saw Cooper really stick to May over human rights and if she can do that To May then Cameron will have no chance.

The defeat of this bill is going to be about galvanising enough Tories to oppose it (David Davies has joined Clarke and Grieve in opposing it if it results in ECHR withdrawal).

But however talented the person opposing Gove it won't challenge the mainstream public and media discourse which will remain the same: "Gove stands up to Johnny Foreigner Brussels judges letting off terrorist cats."

It will continue to play well to Stewart Lee's gran who's already fed up with people having to wear hard hats so it doesn't offend Muslims.
Littlejohn's brain wrote:No he wasn't he'd been an MP for 4 years before he became leader.
Yes you're right Howard resigned after 2005 election didn't he. All the same running and heading up the Department of Public Prosecutions is still a better CV than four years as an Oxfordshire backbencher.

Old hands Livingstone and Mellor on LBC this morning had a rare agreement that learning the parliamentary ropes would be a breeze for a man like Starmer when guest Dan Hodges bought up the subject of Starmer being a new MP.

He believed only his favoured (now ex) candidate Chuka Umunna was brilliant and everyone else is rubbish. The two hosts both have decades of front-line governing experience. While Hodges is a tosser.
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Don't know too much about Keir Starmer's politics, just pick anyone but Liz Kendall please.
Kendall argued that the party should not support a top rate of tax of 50p on a permanent basis. She said Labour should instead target running a surplus in the public finances. “The party should have reined in spending before the crash,” she said, “even though the crash itself was not caused by overspending by the Labour government.”
Kendall said that she supported a welfare cap on the total amount of benefits received, arguing that “voters in my constituency do not feel people who are not working should get more than those in work”. Arguing that the public do not trust Labour on welfare, she called for a fundamental rethink, saying that “too often people are being left without the tools they need to get themselves back into work”. ... e-business" onclick=";return false;

She acknowledges that Labour is facing total extinction in Scotland and then advocates more of what's killing them up there. Awful. Inevitably, the Guardian considers this shite 'a modernising agenda'.
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