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By Malcolm Armsteen
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I've already hinted at some skullduggery by a couple of candidates for mayor - trying to come to meetings that they are specifically not allowed at - during the selection process.

One of those trying it on was David Lammy (regular readers will know that he isn't my favourite Labour politician and he doesn't go down well with our CLP).

Just got this email from our CLP secretary:
Another call today from his office saying 'constituents' have contacted them to say they don't know when and where the meeting is tonight, and could they please find out so they could pass it on. I asked who hadn't got the email sent last week so I could call them and give the details and miraculously "I don't have those names right now..."

I think it was Lammy himself that took over the call after that point. I told him that if these are the tactics he deploys as an applicant, there's no way he deserves to be our candidate.
By Malcolm Armsteen
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Tessa Jowell is getting a lot of support. We are at the stage of nominations at the moment.
We can nominate a single candidate, or two, but at least one must be a woman. The process is complex and not exactly straightforward. I suspect that there will be many nominating Jowell, but that the 'male' vote will be split between Khan and Lammy, with Khan winning. We get to vote later in the year.

Other candidates are, of course, Diane Abbott, Keran Kerai (supposedly a writer [self-published] but his supporting statement actually was gibberish), Neeraj Patil (Doctor, ex Lambeth councillor and Mayor of Lambeth), Gareth Thomas (MP), Christian Wolmar (Writer on Trains).

For the Tories, Andrew Boff (Tory leader on the London Assembly), Sol Campbell (The footballer. No, really...), Steven Greenhalgh (Deputy Mayor), Ivan Massow (Gay financier). Jeremy Paxman and Zak Goldsmith haven't declared their hands but look unlikely, Goldsmith might have if he had lost at the GE and Paxman is just an arse.

For what remains of the Liberals, Caroline Pidgeon, London Assembly member for Trafalgar Square.

Gorgeous George Galloway has said that he might stand if enough people pay him obsequious and fawning Respect and Sian Berry may stand for the Greens. She may need to ripen.

So only Labour are fielding candidates from the national stage (apart from Russell Brand who probably won't find it in himself to make the effort and, of course, Sol Campbell.)
By youngian
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Masow I recall is a reasonably attractive Tory option but the rest don't sound much of a problem. I hope its Sol Campbell :D

Stay well away from Patil he's been a member of the Indian BJP: ... 797256.ece" onclick=";return false;
By Andy McDandy
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By suddenly changing his mind, making up some spurious sixth form reasoning, and doing a podcast.

The prick. Even at 17 I could see through cocks like him.
By The Weeping Angel
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Andy McDandy wrote:By suddenly changing his mind, making up some spurious sixth form reasoning, and doing a podcast.

The prick. Even at 17 I could see through cocks like him.
Well don't worry London because another self-absorbed narcissistic bell-end with a following online is standing to be Mayor of your city ... 81825.html" onclick=";return false;
By bluebellnutter
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