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By mikey mikey
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Shadow International Development Secretary Mary Creagh has said that the failure of western governments to act against Bashar al-Assad in 2013 helped give rise to jihadist group ISIS. Writing for Progress Magazine, Creagh describes the vote that stopped the possibility of UK intervention in Syria as a “shock defeat” that “reverberated around the world”.
This is revisionism. if Assad had been ousted, there is every chance that ISIS would now completely dominate the region. How long before New Labour changes its name to Neo Labour and be done with it?

An attack on Syria was NOT the will of the people and Labour's vote against Cameron's plans for war was possibly the best bit of opposition it played in the whole five years out of office.

Creagh can eff off.
By Andy McDandy
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It's an appeal to the Murdoch press, who seem to think that Suez never happened, and it's the moral obligation of the Anglosphere to bomb some manners into uppity forrins.
By new puritan
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youngian wrote:She's not the first Labour MP to come up with that bizarre theory. Its neo-Con sophistry and I don't know if its a cack handed attempt to look 'tough' in foreign affairs unlike weak Ed Miliband.
Anything to obfuscate the fact that it's US clients in the Middle East who've been bankrolling this shit from day one as part of their proxy war against the Iranians.
By youngian
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Daley Mayle wrote:Every politician knows the importance of appearing to be Doing Something.
That's the problem isn't it, no one wants to look complacent by saying we're doing our best as shown but shit happens. But that's what the Government and London Mayor say about issues they can make a practical difference on. Like pollution which is causing thousands of deaths which are the beyond the wildest dreams of a suicide bomber.
By Andy McDandy
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Thing is, war - in political terms - is sexy. Especially if there's minimal chances your guys are going to die. Everyone loves a good bit of war. Politicians love it as they get the chance to shove their chests out and strut about a bit. The public love it as we get the chance to be a bit self-righteous and fantasise about the SAS being all crack and hard and covert and elite and crack. Or about the grunts being good lads from council estates who love their mums and hairdresser girlfriends* and are confident but never cocky. The media adore it as they can spunk the graphics budget, do big full page spreads on sexy fighter jets and all the guns they're carrying, and the reporters can pretend they're being dead hard as they slap on a flak jacket and helmet and hang out with the soldier boys before doing the obligatory refugee camp true-cost-of-war piece, perhaps with some shots of squaddies carrying water bottles or playing footie with urchins in a winning of hearts and minds piece.

*As I noted a few years ago, surveys of news articles about the families of soldiers showed that they overwhelmingly cast mothers, sisters and partners of troops as 'receptacles of emotion', with virtually no reference to their lives save in relation to the soldier in question, and/or in a stereotypically feminine role (nurse good, doctor not so, etc). No opinion other than emotional, no authority beyond the home. And seemingly glued to sofas going through faux-leather bound photo albums.
By PaulOnBooks
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Watchman wrote:
Daley Mayle wrote:Every politician knows the importance of appearing to be Doing Something.
And to have a war on their CV

Should read all messages - Andy just said that but better than me
You can't go wrong in bombing brown people, especially in the Middle East when the average UK punter can't remember who's who this month.
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