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By satnav
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Current headline at Mail on-line

Labour shrugs off Corbyn effect to win Oldham West by-election with 62% of the vote

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By mikey mikey
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The Graund are at it too! ... byelection" onclick=";return false;
McMahon had to contend with Corbyn's unpopularity with many Labour voter.
That's right: Anything less than this increased share of the vote
would have been the direct result of Corbyn's leadership and a sign that he had to step down. For weeks this by-election has been held up as a test of his leadership. Now he is vindicated by Jim's victory and it is somehow a success despite Jeremy.

Here is the same author in the same paper a week ago:
Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour faces first big election test in Oldham - Helen Pidd

Now the Labour victory is in spite of Corbyn.

Talking of spite, Helen Pidd makes no secret of her antipathy for Jeremy Corbyn on her Twitter.
Jeremy Corbyn is coming to Oldham later to revel in Jim McMahon's victory, Labour confirms. ... r%5Eauthor" onclick=";return false;
By Andy McDandy
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Ed Miliband got this treatment, to a lesser degree. If under his leadership, Labour lost an election, he was a disaster. If they won, he was still a disaster, because either the win wasn't by a big enough margin or another party had increased its vote share.

Even the Mirror this morning was reporting the 'massive reduced majority' line. The backpedal (if it happens at all) over the weekend will be interesting.

For me, just more proof that print media is hopelessly out of date. The actual result was the lead item on news bulletins this morning, and people will be reading contradictory headlines over their toast.
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