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By Abernathy
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I wonder whether Yvette has done this without having sought Corbyn's agreement ? It would not be surprising, given that he has all but cast Yvette into the outer darkness. And it would partly explain Jezza's curmudgeonly reaction.
By youngian
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crabcakes_windermere wrote:
Tue Jan 08, 2019 8:25 pm
Corbyn’s statement after today’s no deal Brexit govt defeat fails to mention Yvette Cooper by name.

What a petty, charmless, small man he is.
Jeremy doesn’t do personal he’s all about the ishoos.

I have to concede most voters have a higher opinion of Corbyn than I have. They think he’s a nice guy who’s not up to the job. Strikes me as a thin skinned, passive-aggressive arsehole.
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By Safe_Timber_Man
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Yes, I'm coming round to that way of thinking, too. I use to think he was just a bit of a bumbling fool who means well but isn't cut out to be a leader. On closer inspection he's cantankerous and petty man who, due to his Brexit shenanigans, is deeply dishonest and disingenuous.

I use to think his rudeness was just reserved for the tabloid media, which I applauded. Now I can see anybody who doesn't tip toe around him and pat him on the back is on the receiving end of it.
By crabcakes_windermere
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I can, in a sense, sympathise. Up until his election as leader Corbyn could say and do whatever he wanted. When he spoke, it was always preaching to the choir and when he protested, it was always safe in the knowledge that his friends and peers would back up the fact he was raging against the 'bad guys'. Everything was simple, clear cut and obvious.

Now, under the spotlight, it's not black and white. His questionable allegiances are being repeatedly questioned. His statements and speeches are analysed and picked apart and found wanting, not accepted verbatim and written of glowingly in the Morning Star. His black and white worldview is woefully lacking, and he is no longer always talking to people who will nod and make polite, positive noises. Good people are now 'bad' because they do not unswervingly support him - sometimes solely because they do not support him, bad people are good because he considers what they stand for good even when their actions are demonstrably bad and/or they are woeful at their jobs. He is not automatically afforded respect for his past actions of doing the bleeding obvious. His life has become hard because he has people telling him he is wrong, he has done wrong, and his long-held beliefs are often naive and flawed. And he can no longer ignore them as he could.

Where my sympathy ends is how he has dealt with this. He hasn't grown, learned to compromise, learned to listen even when he may not like the messenger or message. He is just as simple and gut-driven as ever, led by the self-belief that he is always a good man doing good things rather than an increasingly petty, small man doing bad, clumsy things because he is too arrogant to accept his cushioned, narrow past experiences are a poor guide for the realities of leadership and too vain to recognise where his weaknesses lie and to address them.

Well informed and supported, and with an openness to learn he could have been a magnificent leader. Even with just a better, less inward and more flexible team around him he could have been perfectly adequate. Instead, he has an ill-informed, inflexible and arrogant team that magnifies his insecurities while doing little to address his faults save for writing them off as conspiracy theories or plots. He polarises where he should compromise, he acts hypocritically and disingenuously to further his own beliefs ahead of party policy - even policies he proposed and supports, and he disengages.

Cometh the hour, the man was busy pottering on his allotment.
By youngian
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I voted for Corbyn first time around as I could see his style working if he stepped up and put his big trousers on as Livingstone did in his mayoralty building a coalition of support outside of his circle. It didn't take too many months to see he wasn't up to the job. His one positive legacy is that Labour isn't frightened of its own shadow anymore and able to be bolder in its policy objectives. But even there has the hard work been put in to formulate credible policies and an economic strategy to improve the trains or ensure Daniel Blake can live a dignified life?
By Boiler
By the time I went to report this comment, it had already been removed - from
Screenshot_2019-01-10 Corbyn calls for election over Brexit.png
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If this is what this country has become, I weep.
By crabcakes_windermere
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Obviously that's a dreadful comment regardless of who it is aimed at, so good to see it removed so quickly.

As for JCs statement...why is he pushing for something he won't win anyway, based on a policy of claiming he could do more than the Tories have managed in 2 years in less than 72 days to achieve a goal the majority don't want in the first place, even if he could do it (which he can't, because the EU aren't going to budge any further when he has the same red lines)?

The people do not want to decide between red brexit and blue brexit. They want to decide between brexit now they see the reality of the situation or no brexit at all.

May is an authoritarian control freak, but she's also vain and more than happy to go back on any number of promises or statements to save her own hide. The moment her choice becomes resign or offer a new referendum so she can stay in office, she will offer a new referendum. At that point Corbyn's window of opportunity will slam shut and that's it - he will never be elected.
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