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By Timbo
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Presumably, he's only campaigning for our nuclear disarmament? I'm not saying we should go to war with Iran, but there quite clearly needs to be the threat and capacity to do so in order to get them to keep their own nuclear weapons programme in check.

It's almost like he's just reducing complex situations to black and white binaries of good and evil. Much easier to feel that warm glow of self-righteousness if you're never at risk of having to actually govern.
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By crabcakes_windermere
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Fuck’s sake - he’s clearly on gardening leave, now off doing what he wanted to do all along. Complain about stuff and be ever so worthy, while affecting no actual change and never being involved in hard negotiations himself.

If he really wanted to stop wars, he should have listened to advice and maybe he might be head of an interim govt. right now. Instead, he helped install a bunch of arseholes who’ll happily vote through any war - complete with a big enough majority that any resistance will be token. But of course that would have meant compromise.

Better to stay pure, eh Jeremy? Those body bags coming home are just fine as long as you didn’t have to risk tarnishing your credentials.
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By Abernathy
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Ooops...... he almost forgot to throw in ".....and climate change." along with poverty, injustice, and inequality. Climate change is a relatively new virtue to be signalled, I suppose, and at Jezza's age.....
By crabcakes_windermere
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This is why I have never understood the Corbynite pitch of ‘how can Jeremy be a bigot with his upbringing?’, given his brother is one of the most obnoxious, conspiracy theory peddling maniacs around.

He’s like the monstrous one the family shut in the loft for 50 years, only they forgot to ever close the loft door.
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