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By youngian
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crabcakes_windermere wrote:
Tue Jul 28, 2020 8:55 am

This question to J. Corbyn please, after being told his personal unpopularity would lose Labour votes.
Did any CLP have Corbyn on their election leaflets? It has been noted in our CLP sane club that Keir is the first leader since Blair that will appear on campaign literature without reservation.
Darren Jones of Bristol South West wouldn't have Corbyn on his election leaflets.
By Abernathy
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I now think that there is no choice. Corbyn has to be evicted from the party.

After Blair intervened to kibosh moves to expel Corbyn many years ago, he simply faded away back to the margins of the party and to his natural backbench home, an irrelevance, if something of a mild hindrance to the serious governing that Blair and his government were getting on with.

However, things are quite different now. Corbyn has a much higher profile as a recent former leader of the party, as well as several thousand cranks still in the party who continue to worship the ground he walks on. He has no intention of retiring gracefully to the margins of the party.

The new leader, Keir Starmer, is engaged on the serious and very difficult job of winning power from opposition. But Corbyn actively threatens the success of that endeavour.

There is every indication that Corbyn simply will not shut up, as former leaders are supposed to do, but intends to carry on an entrenched guerrilla war against Starmer's leadership from the backbenches and, by extension, continuing to provide the hostile right-wing news media with yet more easy Labour-bashing ammunition.

He does, I honestly think, represent a material threat to Labour's prospects of electoral success at the next election, so the sooner (when the EHCR report is published?) he is booted out, the better. If he takes several thousand of his worshippers with him in "solidarity" then that's frankly a bonus.
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By Boiler
Are you not concerned that this could cause a schism that would see the Labour vote divided? Okay, there was the abject failure of the party with more names than MPs that might signal how unlikely that might be, but...
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