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By oboogie
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Abernathy wrote:
Thu Oct 01, 2020 8:05 pm
Frankly, I'd rather not think about Corbyn's intimate circle.
Hands up, I stole the line from Stephen Fry on Have I Got News For You many years ago.

IIRC Hislop inquired if Fry had been on the top table at Charles and Camilla's recent wedding.
Fry replied, "No, I haven't penetrated Prince Charles' intimate circle."
youngian wrote:
Thu Oct 01, 2020 8:25 pm
Was he grassed up to the Sun or did they just nick the pic off social media belonging to the photo taker?
Don't know. The circumstances would suggest that it wasn't a bacon sandwich moment, so possibly from the photographer's social media. Or possibly close in to the Jezza camp/allotment.
By Samanfur
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youngian wrote:
Fri Oct 02, 2020 9:45 pm
Keeps them busy
Allies of Jeremy Corbyn are hunting a mole ... -7blwh5sm5
I can't help thinking of of this:

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So far this morning on Twitter I've seen Starmer slagged off for not doing as much as Burnham, slagged off for bandwagoning for supporting Burnham, Burnham slagged off for RTing Starmer's message of support and Burnham lionised as a "real labour leader" by people who had a somewhat different take on him when he stood to be Labour leader.

Guess what person all the above people mentioned either have a picture of or specifically mention in their Twitter bios, who coincidentally has spent the last day or so banging on about CLP elections to the NEC and hasn't even thought to mention any sort of solidarity or support for the working class in the North?
It makes sense for Burnham to lead this particular charge for so many reasons, not least he's actually northern and represents people in the north directly.
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People who don't understand the difference between strategy and tactics.

Or that the C-in-C deploys his generals, and doesn't fight himself.
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It just pisses me off that even when Corbyn is doing literally fuck-all - and to be fair, as a London backbencher I don't even expect him to do much in this case - his supporters are trying to undermine those who are showing support, making out they were always best mates with the guy who they were previously only too happy to label as a useless right-wing stooge, and still post nonsensical "Corbyn was right" and "Starmer out" bollocks.

Delighted to see someone called Rachel from Swindon on it, and (of course) she chose to ignore it. But we're at the stage where Johnson's idiotic posturing is killing people, and they're still fighting an ideological purity battle against people who have far, far more in common with them than anyone sat on the Tory benches.
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By youngian
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and they're still fighting an ideological purity battle against people who have far, far more in common with them than anyone sat on the Tory benches.

The gaps between posts on this thread are getting longer. Soon a Piers Corbyn thread will be busier.
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