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youngian wrote:
Sun Nov 29, 2020 7:14 am
A feeble caveat from Owen Jones. Corbyn’s problem is he didn’t go permanently awol.
While leader, Corbyn’s personal distress at being labelled a racist led him to make poor decisions on antisemitism or simply to go awol: history repeats itself in his backbench exile. ... wing-ideas
Feeble indeed and he seems to be forgetting his own role in the Corbyn project.
Jez, er, how are you actually going to do this when you crashed and burned spectacularly at the last election and you're not even party leader any more? What's more, a large percentage of the population think you're a knob.
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By Andy McDandy
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Not like there's already a load of organisations doing this stuff and who don't need help lobbying (because that's what it is).

We're back to his days of protesting outside the South African embassy, to the irritation of the ANC.
Boiler wrote:
Sun Dec 13, 2020 3:29 pm
As predicted upthread:

Mrs A: "Patronizing twat."

Yup. Holier than holy in his passport-blue shirt.
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