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youngian wrote:
Tue Feb 02, 2021 9:03 am
Won’t bother unpacking this but it made me laugh on this wet grim morning
Everything always has to be about Jeremy doesn't it?
By Andy McDandy
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"The old leader of the opposition game, eh? Hardest game in the world. Did it meself, man and boy, until me momentum gave out..."
By davidjay
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Tubby Isaacs wrote:
Tue Feb 02, 2021 6:27 pm
Crowbarring Jez in there is like the Fast Show character who crowbars Our Lord Jesus Who Died On The Cross into anything.
Maybe they should just start a new religion and have done with it.
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It’s almost like Corbyn, and his supporters like Burgon and Len, just based their thinking on some creaky old bullshit about blokes with flat caps and whippets who worked down mines and were just itching to be asked to join a socialist revolution against those pesky mill owners or something.

By youngian
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You can find the same views from former and current Labour voters in Cambridge or Lewisham. Repairing Corbyn’s damage in Bolsover is the least of Keir’s problems. Restoring trust in Nuneaton or Basildon (who haven’t voted Labour since 2005) is the path to power.
By Cyclist
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crabcakes_windermere wrote:What proved popular in 2017 was not being Theresa May. Which, to be fair Corbyn excelled at..

Which is leading me to believe the "Red Wall" isn't totally lost. They weren't voting for a Conservative government, but for the party they thought would "get Brexit done". The were voting for Brexit andagainst Corbyn. Now Corbyn is gone, and the Tories have delivered a Brexit which most probably isn't to their taste, they'll be coming back to Labour.

That's the hope, anyway.
By Oblomov
From the Facebook, the take of my old A-level history teacher (who first turned me properly towards leftist politics):
I doubt people care much but I would just like to bring to people's attention/remind people that there is a purge and censorship going on in the Labour Party at present.
1) Constituency Labour Parties have been banned from even discussing the suspension of Jeremy Corbyn and his continuing denial of the Labour whip.
2) Any motion supporting Corbyn or criticising Starmer has been ruled out of order.
3) Dozens of lay party officials have been suspended for defying that ruling in the name of free speech and allowing the banned subjects to be discussed.
Nothing like this occurred under Corbyn who was smeared as a ruthless extremist but apparently it is OK for the "moderate" Keir Starmer to engage in such Stalinist tactics with very little press comment.
To say I'm disappointed is an understatement.
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