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By youngian
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There's probably some Remainer schadenfreude at right wing Brexiters motivating this article but what is certain is the Tories cannot campaign as the party of economic sanity even up against McDonnell
Brexit Tories opened the door to revolution. Corbynites walked through
Rafael Behr

Ten years on, Corbyn’s antagonists vastly overestimate Britain’s cultural abhorrence of radical leftism as a potential conveyor towards economic ruin, possibly tyranny. The cold war is ancient history to first-time voters. To remember two Germanys you have to be well into your 30s, and the memory alone is not enough to guarantee suspicion of grey-haired politicians who once equivocated over preference for the western one. It is not enough even when those politicians, guided by some doctrinaire muscle memory, still tilt towards the Kremlin on foreign policy.

But the big change is that, with Brexit, the Tories have normalised all forms of radicalism. By hurling themselves at a plan in defiance of sober economic counsel, Conservatives have raised the bar for what counts as a dangerous gamble with the nation’s prosperity; they may have removed it altogether. They march to the drumbeat of revolutionary fantasy, urging sceptics to believe that anything is possible with an effort of will. The prime minister touts a panacea policy that is meant to satisfy every conceivable social and economic grievance. She will spare no expense to get it done, leave no magic money tree unshaken. When that is the ethos of government, ministers can hardly complain if the opposition takes the same approach. ... are_btn_fb" onclick=";return false;
By youngian
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Labour backbenches and SNP having fun kicking balls in May's face while she was tied to the post over her EURef ambiguity. The leader of the opposition meanwhile read out another letter from Daniel Blake. Shouldn't it be the other way round: Your troops show how the Tories are fucking up lives on the grounds while the leader deals with grand strategy? Or maybe I'm wrong and an opposition leader concentrating on the bread and butter stuff instead of Brexit complexities voters don't understand strikes a chord?
By mattomac
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She has become an absolute figure of fun in the space of 4 months.

All her credibility is shot, all Labour need to do is trot out the "lead or leave", it's pretty much Cameron vs Brown or Smith/Blair vs Major.

Problem for May is unlike Brown, she is a Tory and people have little sympathy for the Tories, they are portrayed to be bastards, the fact she was a right wing nasty home secretary makes me refuse to bother offering her that. Corbyn can play the gentle uncle act with a slogan because she can't buy luck at the moment (see her respond to Heidi Alexander's question).

Plus the fact that Labour know she is hamstrung on getting rid of the bad influences, that all she seems to be able to offer is "No Deal" or complete capitulation because they started negotiations by being "billy big bollocks". And if the Tories do get rid of her, what then yet more time taken up with a leadership contest that will go all the way this time. Whoever wins will lose.
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