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By youngian
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A thread to chart who's coming and who's going since Corbyn became leader
A Liberal Democrat councillor has defected to Labour in support of Jeremy Corbyn, becoming Richmond's first Labour councillor in more than 13 years.

Teddington Councillor Jennifer Churchill, partner of the borough's former Lib Dem leader and fellow Councillor Stephen Knight, said new party leader Tim Farron "doesn't seem to stand for anything".

She also criticised her former party for "parroting Tory economic propaganda".

Coun Churchill told the Richmond and Twickenham Times, in her first interview since defecting: "I wouldn’t say [it has been coming] for a long time – when Jeremy Corbyn was elected, it became a real possibility.
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Neil Williams, Gillingham & Rainham Parliamentary Candidate for the Green Party, has joined Labour.

In his letter of resignation he cited the election of Jeremy Corbyn as his deciding factor for joining Labour.

Neil said “I’m pleased to be joining Medway Labour, their local track record of campaigning on issues like improving our local hospital and standing up for local high streets is impressive. Also, I firmly believe that in Jeremy Corbyn there is a future Labour Prime Minister who will fight for a genuinely fairer, more equal society”

Cllr Vince Maple, Medway Labour Leader said “It is great to welcome Neil to the Labour Party. Neil, like many others across Medway, have been impressed by Jeremy Corbyn’s determination to bring about a fairer society. I look forward to being out on the doorstep campaiging alongside Neil and many other new members and activists.” ... our-party/" onclick=";return false;
By Andy McDandy
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Depends. He won't want to walk - he'd prefer to be pushed, just so he can claim he was 'purged' (brilliant - it's like accusing someone of having 'vested interests'. You weren't fired or deselected for being useless or a conniving shit, you were purged!).

Then again, he'll be written up by the Sun and Mail as purged and badly done by, whatever the circumstances.
By youngian
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A good point, as long as Rochdale CLP still want him its best to tolerate him as a rentaquote maverick. Perhaps his Corbyn supporting ex-missus could do a bit more press to make him look a dick.
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If Danczuk jumps I think it would be to UKIP. His constituency is in UKIP type territory, they came close at neighbouring Heywood and Middleton at a by election a few months back.

Hes one of those MPs who likes to get in the media at every possible opportunity
By Abernathy
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Apart from all the political considerations, Danczuk strikes me as one of those people that you take an instant dislike to - as soon as they walk in the door.

He just seems to be a rancidly obnoxious cunt.
By bluebellnutter
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The best thing Labour can do is leave him be TBH.

1. It means they can continue their "we're a broad church" narrative.
2. It stops him being able to say "ha, look, they forced me out".
3. It stops the media being able to say "ha, they forced him out".

If he chooses to jump ship of his own accord, then it's obviously his decision, not theirs. He's a thorn, but one it would do Labour good to put up with for a bit, no matter how obnoxious a little shit he comes over as.
He reminds me a bit of Pat Karney. In case anyone on here doesn't know who he is, hes a pain in the arse councillor in Manchester. A kind of rent a gob, whatever the topic is, he always has to offer some kind of opinion or other, as long as he gets in the Manchester Evening News hes happy
By Catkins
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The best thing Labour can do is leave him be TBH.
I'd disagree with this as he's gone beyond being the eccentric rent-a-gob, and seems hell-bent on damaging the party. It's not as if Corbyn is the first Leader he's done this to.

I compared him in another thread with Paul Marsden. Embarrassing for Labour when he defected, but by God did the Lib Dems come to regret him crossing the floor and becoming their fruit loop.
By Abernathy
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I agree with Catkins, but I also agree with Nutter. I don't think he's gone beyond the pale yet. He's come very very close, and arguably the likes of Galloway were expelled for comparable offences, but if we are going to expel him, it needs to be for something very clear-cut and damned serious - going for a pint with Douglas Carswell doesn't quite cut the mustard. So yeah, leave him alone for now for the reasons Nutter outlines, but reserve the right to expel the fucker if he very clearly perpetrates a heinous offence - like getting caught taking a shite in Jeremy Corbyn's hat or something.
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