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By Abernathy
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She's been building a media profile steadily ever since her election, so I thought maybe Jess deserves a thread of her own.

Especially since she's our woman on tomorrow night's Question Time.
By youngian
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Abernathy wrote:She's been building a media profile steadily ever since her election,
Something that can attract disdain and envy among colleagues in a profession with big egos. But if she's connecting with the public than good on her, there's precious few MPs in any party doing that.
By Abernathy
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Is Jess in hot water again? I don't know, but I had definitely formed the impression that the violent sexual assaults and rapes that took place in Cologne were far, far, worse than what happens every week on Broad Street. Think it's another of those things that could have been better put. ... -nonsense/
By Andy McDandy
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Police and chamber of commerce coming down on her. Looks like she badly misjudged this one as she's seen as a) doing her city down and b) making light of sexual assault. Oops.
By Kreuzberger
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She has shown herself to be rather green about the political gills and has shone the spotlight on Broad Street rather than addressed the original question which, it is reported, was, "eh, eh, what about all them muzzie rapefugeess?"

Let's just set to one side the fact that there wasn't a journalist within a country mile of the Cologne Dom on New Year's Eve and that the cops were so short-handed that the head of that evening's operation team requested back up but was refused, and that that all adds up to the ethnic profile of the attackers being nothing more than speculation.

Let's also overlook the inconvenience of there being only one asylum seeker, an Algerian, officially facing charges. Let's also not address that it is difficult to tell a Turk from a Tunisian from a Portuguese from a recently-returned snowboarder on a moonless winter's night.

We have to ignore all of this if we are to parrot the professional bigots' line that the muzzies done it.

True, Germany languishes only mid-table in the Eurorape league but that doesn't mean that there was no problem before this crisis started.

The fact is, Germany does have a sexual assault problem, it does have a culture of repressed masculinity and it does like a beer or three. Another fact is that there is no public debate about that because white men getting pissed and groping birds' tits is what they do. There is no news value in it.

In that sense, there are very real parallels with these British centres of the night-time economy. To take the number of incidents in Cologne on that night and then to compare them with, as is being done, a year's stats for Brum, is to miss the point spectacularly, as each individual victim will doubtless agree.

This is about men of every hue and strip behaving badly and there being a culture of resignation towards that. That is, I believe, the point that Phillips was struggling to make.
By Abernathy
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Interesting to note that the Stephen Nolan show on 5 Live last night featured contributions from about a dozen women, and some men, who were actually on a Friday night out on Broad Street, and who confirmed that there is indeed a perpetual problem there with low-level sexual assault (bum-pinching, groping, slapping, stroking and occasionally a bit of harassment too), but, they said, "what can you do?" Most of them regarded it pragmatically as par for the course for a night out on Broad Street and just something to be tolerated because it's difficult to report and if you do tell the police you get a vague promise from them to look at the cctv footage and then nothing more.

So it does seem to be fairly endemic on Broad Street. Worst was some bloke they spoke to who confessed to feeling frustrated at being so unattractive to women yet being surrounded by all these glammed up women in skimpy frocks, so felt compelled to have a grope. Clearly some sort of social inadequate, but there he was.

So maybe there's something in what Jess was saying. Certainly chimes with Kreuz's point.
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By Kreuzberger
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Littlejohn's brain wrote:One thing this shows is that the public love politicians who 'speak their mind' right up to when do just that.
The point is though, that she didn't speak her mind. Far from it. Whether through general inexperience or being on (almost) live TV, there is no doubting that her statements lacked the kind of single-mindedness which makes it difficult for the media to take a controversial nugget and run with it.
By mikey mikey
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Littlejohn's brain wrote:One thing this shows is that the public love politicians who 'speak their mind' right up to when do just that.
Sadly so. And well put. Discretion and thinking before you speak may not grab headines like "fire in your belly" but loose cannons and honest-pplain-speaking do not seem to appeal to the public when leadership is concerned.

If only there was a sweet spot between Corbyn and Phillips.

Kier Starmer....where are you?
By mattomac
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Broad street wouldn't be the only example one of the officers at our University did a campaign to highlight sexual harassment through people's personal stories all secret of course. I wasn't blind to it but I have to say some of them were horrific.

There was also a stat recently from a study that said 1 in 2 females had been sexually harassed or assaulted in US colleges.

Jess Phillips may have gone it a bit cack handed but we are talking about it and it needs to be addressed in society, because frankly it's disgusting.
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