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By Abernathy
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youngian wrote:
Wed Oct 09, 2019 9:31 am
Perhaps Jess had some help Kevin as she's a popular MP with her CLP.
Well, of course, she did. More volunteers piling into Yardley than I've seen anywhere. Enough to achieve that sort of contact rate easily. People really do rate and care about Jess and will go out of their way to make sure she gets elected.
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By crabcakes_windermere
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This is the first time since Wino has gone that I’m glad he’s not here because I really couldn’t have been arsed to plough through the paranoid, misogynistic, hateful and utterly clueless bollocks this would have prompted.
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By youngian
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Phillips isn't from a Blair Brown background, hasn't Iraq baggage and is not even on the Labour right wing. She might do surprisingly well as most Labour members who vote for Corbyn aren't active in the world online spats and insults. Jess could do worse then offering to review Trident as Len's candidate won't be.
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By bluebellnutter
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Labour needs a dose of salts shot right through it. Jess can deliver that.

Stuff Corbyn and his crew. I'm officially #TeamJess
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By youngian
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Clive Lewis might be the sanest choice as a deputy to placate Momentumites. There’s always debate about London/Scotland/Wales leaders wouldn’t appeal to northern voters and vice versa. Having leaders from the Midlands and East Anglia will be a first for Labour. Parts of the country that don’t raise any strong feelings.
By davidjay
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I'd still go for Starmer as leader, but Jess as deputy, connecting with the electorate and ripping the Tories to bits in Parliament, would be more than impressive.
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By Safe_Timber_Man
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Keir Starmer for me. I do wish he was a bit more cut-throat but I think he was just held back a bit. With free reign he'd hopefully be a bit more surgical when taking his opponents to pieces. He's capable of it, he just needs a bit of fight which I think was sucked out of him by having to stay onside with Corbyn.
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