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By Abernathy
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'Your name please'
KL: 'Ken Livingstone'
'And what is your chosen specialist subject?'
KL: 'Not mentioning Hitler'
'Ken Livingstone, you have two minutes to answer...'
By bluebellnutter
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Welcome to today's instalment of "Ken Livingstone referencing the Nazis when talking about Jewish people".

Today, Ken talks about his knowledge that Jewish people helped the guards at concentration camps while on his way into his hearing as to whether he should be expelled from the Labour party for anti-Semitic comments.
By crabcakes_windermere
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It's like he thinks if he doubles down on it and keeps on going on and on and on, eventually he'll make some sort of breakthrough.

Israel has a shitty government and some Jewish people are complete arseholes. However, banging on clumsily about Hitler's one-time approach to Zionism and Jews to make a ham-fisted point and not admitting you may have handled it poorly and not letting it go is like insisting you can always walk out onto a zebra crossing without looking as you have right of way. Technically you may be just about correct, but if you approach it like an arrogant, blinkered twat with no thought for context you're going to get run down and you'll have zero sympathy because you'll be the dickhead in the equation.
By crabcakes_windermere
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I have a sincerely-held belief that many people of a certain age want to go back to Imperial for 2 reasons:

1. It's an 'up yours' to foreigners
2. They know full well that younger generations will struggle because it has never been taught, so it will give them an air of superiority.

You can just imagine the glee on Hitchens' face as he scoffs smugly in a shop when the younger person on the till struggles to work out his change: "What's the matter? Are you so stupid you don't know how money works?"
By bluebellnutter
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Kevin Schofield ‏Verified account

Ken Livingstone: "I apologise for the offence caused by those Labour MPs who lied and said I said Hitler was a Zionist."
I mean...that's just...that's not an apology. He's managed to make less of an apology for his actions than the Family Guy Mel Gibson parody.

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