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By mr angry manchester
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I think he's right. It was a fluke result, based largely on lies like "£350m for the NHS" and some flag waving bollocks, Brexit is the biggest balls up in British history and its so potentially serious that the future of the country can not be determined by a half arsed poll which was nothing more than a ploy by Cameron to shut up the right wing loon element

If it is re run, I reckon it will be something like 60/40 in favour of remain.
By Bones McCoy
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mr angry manchester wrote:I like Khan and Labour could do worse than him as leader. He wont go down well though with the recently emboldened, nasty racist element in the country who have found a voice after Brexit
There comes a time to say "Fuck those guys".
By The Red Arrow
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Some nice responses from the the canine community, but sadly predictable tossers responding, too. The crap this guy takes every day...

Sadiq Khan‏Verified account @SadiqKhan

Saadiya and I are very excited to announce a new addition to the family... Luna Khan!

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