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By youngian
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EXCLUSIVE - Revealed: Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell's idyllic riverside SECOND HOME (with three boats) on the Norfolk Broads where he can plot his latest war on middle class buy-to-let landlords ... roads.html

Not exactly Trump is he? And what’s McD’s bolthole shed got to do with BTL?

By MisterMuncher
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Now this, dear reader, is what is known as the politics of envy, or at least it would be, were the initial source left wing.

It's very much like class war, race baiting and playing any of the deck of victim cards. It's not that when it's them.
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By Boiler
To me, "riverside property" = you'd better not mind the company of rats.

It wasn't so long ago round here you could still see remnants of wooden 'houses' for farm workers with tar-paper walls and a corrugated tin roof with a single coke stove for heat.
By Bones McCoy
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crabcakes_windermere wrote:
Mon Sep 09, 2019 10:07 am
No offence to John McD's house, but if you're going to claim something is idyllic it's probably worth checking it doesn't look like an Alabama redneck's swampside meth shack first
That wouldn't pass as idyllic in Jaywick.
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