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Malcolm Armsteen wrote:Thought so.

So either join and work or fuck off.
That's a bit harsh. Joining a political party with the aim of winning power may result in winning power. Then you're going to have to compromise your virtue down the pub to defend difficult decisions. Much better to have Boris Johnson and Theresa May forge the country's destiny.
By youngian
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visage wrote:What is it about canvassing that gives people the right to comment on the travails of the Labour party?
Some canvassers may flatter themselves as to what their gut is telling them but it's just basic maths if you are canvassing large enough samples. Solid Labour, Tory or marginal you generally get the same feedback as to whether Ed Miliband is a wally or Corbyn is useless. You can of course ignore your findings and put it down to a Portland PR Blairite conspiracy to have replaced all householders with obedient replicants.
Can whoever is in charge of this board please establish the rules for being able to comment on Labour? I'd rather not "fuck off", but if that's the way the land lies these days, so be it.
visage wrote: Do you feel similar contempt to them, as you nod understandingly and beg for their vote?

Or do you reserve that for online encounters?
You canvass to listen that's why it's called canvassing. And yes you do reserve contempt for online encounters when you are dismissed as venal and corrupt for expressing opinions forged by what party volunteers have found out about Corbyn's popularity on the doorsteps.
Visage, you've hardly gone out of your way to endear yourself or be particularly helpful or friendly yourself, so is it any wonder you're reaping what you sowed? It's no point you throwing all sorts of shite at people, then whinging when someone has the temerity to call you out on it.

But you have a very simple comeback. If you believe in Corbyn and want him to become the next PM, join the Labour party and do something about it. Not only then are you helping your chosen leader in his quest to make a better Britain but you also take away Malcolm's point in one fell swoop.
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