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The Red Arrow wrote:Sorry, did you say something LjB? I was busy jacking off to the canary.
Face it you've backed a loser, you know you've backed a loser and you don't want to admit it. Now do me a favour and go jack off to the canary.
That's not very nice. I'll be giving Corbyn full backing in the coming months. And if the PLP shuts up Corbyn's poll ratings will rocket right?
Littlejohn's brain wrote:Sorry did you say something Red? I thought you retired from the labour forum.
No, that was me...
The Red Arrow wrote:Has he got it wrong again?

Perhaps a new hobby might help. I find painting miniatures calms the nerves and sharpens the faculties...

A couple of years from now, your decision to back Corbyn will be shown to have been wrong.
But as the 'Arrer (and Kreuz) aren't being knobs about it, let's extend a little respect, eh?

They may even be right. We may have to agree to disagree, see how things pan out and then get on with it. And each other.

And before you start wittering on about people not respecting you, perhaps give your head a shake and think about it.
He needs to somehow muzzle McDonnell because all he's doing is giving ammunition to the "nasty left" bollocks by the right-leaning media.

Most of the bollocks today was around his comments about the IHAT enquiry (not that controversial) and Darren Cullen's artwork which has been seriously misinterpreted, quite probably deliberately. McDonnell is one unfortunate comment or stunt from dragging everyone back to square one even when there may be some progress.
I would say he is incredibly ideologically driven, goes overboard with what he says (albeit his criticisms can be for the right reasons) without having any appreciation that he is a serious front bench politician now and that insults and venom is the game the Tories' want to play. The last thing Corbyn needs is for McDonnell to start handing them weapons, ammunition and a target.
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