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On the second page and so far nobody has discussed the topic of John McTernan allegedly threatening an MP.

If it is of no interest to you: do not post on the thread.

At least that is what I understood when I re-read the forum rules.
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Meanwhile back on topic...

Pro-Corbyn union chief left 'shocked' after Labour Party suspend him over Twitter post
"I haven't got a clue as to why I've been suspended, other than they say it's something to do with Twitter. But they haven't told me what I posted."
I remain confident that McTernan's alleged threats to an MP will not lead to his suspension just before the leadership election, however. ... st-1578021" onclick=";return false;
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Ex-miner, Mr John Dunn of the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign, seen here at a press conference held last year at the NUM's headquarters in Barnsley speaking of his experiences 31 years ago.

Well so much for truth and justice: he has now been banned from voting in the Labour leadership election.

Unlike John McTernan.
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