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By merk
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I've been out of town on urgent family business since the weekend with little access and less inclination to get this site back up and running.

I know a few of you have tweeted me and I've only just seen them, thanks for letting me know but I'm sure it goes without saying that most people don't respond very well to shirty messages because your favourite website is down, I'm one of those people, and as I've discovered recently some things are just too damn important to care about the trivial shit.

I'm working with a forum mod to move over control of the site to them, I don't know when this will be but I'm hoping to be able to do it before the new year and then after many glorious years I'm bowing out.

If in the meantime, the site happens to go down over the weekend for one reason or another, sure feel free to let me know, but don't be a dick about it. Take the downtime to go out and enjoy life and the fucking wondrous and shitty things it throws at you, spend some time with a loved one, go for a walk, sing a song, have a massive wank, whatever.

By Timbo
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I have now reached out to, and warned a board member for the tone taken in hassling a member of site staff during the downtime.

The person will not be named, to avoid any potential for identifying them personally, however please all be aware that the site staff are human beings, none of you pay to use the site, and we all give our time and resources freely to help create a positive and intelligent community.
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