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By Arrowhead
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Tubby Isaacs wrote:
Tue Sep 22, 2020 4:19 pm
Not commenting on policies?
Corbyn barely commented on Brexit for at least a couple of years post-GE2017, so I don’t see what their problem is.
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By crabcakes_windermere
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if they meant "at" rather than "to", they'd be spot on.

Also, "solidarity". Because working class people like nothing more than being lumped together as one homogenous blob who are all about pickets, comradeship and solidarity. Shows how Momentum still have some romaticised image of a dirty-faced guy with a flat cap walking back from the pit with the hovis music in the background, just itching to be inspired by some heroic local lad done good politician to rise up and overthrow the local monocle-sporting posh landowner.

Their interests are having decent jobs, decent wages, healthcare, affordable food, and the sense that the person in charge of the party that's supposed to represent them is proud of where he comes from rather than by turns fetishising some outdated idea of what his supporters look like, being incapable of singing the national anthem because of concerns about image, and clearly being more worried about supporting "comrades" in South America or Eastern Europe.
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By davidjay
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At which point I repeat myself for the hundredth time. The left always have a problem comprehending that the working class they are so keen to represent/patronise are far more loyal to country than to class. They can repeat ad nauseum how your being poor isn't the fault of the poor Pole, the poor Asian or the poor Somalian down the street, it's the fault of the rich white Englishman in the big house on the other side of town, and you still won't blame him. Because he's a white Englishman and therefore despite his wealth, and his privilege, and his lifelong contempt for you and your kind, he's still one of you and you still gravitate towards him far more than you ever will some scrounging foreigner. You couldn't care less about Mexican peasant farmers or Venezuelan copper miners and 'solidarity' with them just shows that Labour hate Britain.
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