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By Tubby Isaacs
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Andy McDandy wrote:
Mon Jan 11, 2021 1:56 pm
Customs union and EFTA would be enough for most people. Even the immigration headbangers would be mollified if the government started using the powers they've always had. The problem there was that while anyone with half a brain knows that immigration is a natural and useful thing, and that being a racist shitbag isn't much of a life goal, they had to sell the image that they totally understood the thick cunts and sympathised with them, but couldn't do anything about it because of the nasty EU, see? And if people pointed to other EU states enforcing borders, well, that was those sneaky forrins not playing by the rules. Not like us Brits, straight bat and all that.

It's not really what the rules are that's important, but where people think they're coming from.
I don't think Customs Union and EFTA work. Keeping out Poles and "doing trade deals that suit us" (details dependent on who you're talking to at that moment) are hard to argue against, which is why soft Brexit wasn't a runner before.
By Andy McDandy
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Average brexiter wouldn't know a hard or soft deal from a hole in the head, as sudden shock over customs queues and suchlike show. They didn't take it because they were told not to take it. As long as the impression of sovereignty and independence is upheld, they'll be happy.

See also: Lawson shadowing the Deutsch mark throughout the 80s.
By mattomac
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To me it’s all a bit nit picking, we are so far from an election, I hate the way Family entered into everything Brown said at the end so Starmer has to watch that, at least he isn’t saying hard working family.

Labour left need to find a term like “middle class” in America, it bulks me when I see it but then you read who it means and it’s effectively anyone below about 80k in wage. I’ve been reading Kamala Harris book and it’s obvious she doesn’t mean what we would mean.
By Kreuzberger
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Quite, "family" is fast becoming irrelevant, especially as a parish pump around which millennials can meaningfully gather. "The makers and doers", would do it for me.
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