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By The Red Arrow
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Bollocks to this.
...there may even be a space for Starmer to appear more small-c conservative than the Conservatives.
Indeed, like May, Starmer now takes the view (despite his previous support for a second referendum) that Brexit means Brexit. “Leave-Remain is over,” the senior aide said. “We’re out, no chance of us going back in so we’ve got to focus on what the future looks like.”
But where, some observers have pointed out, are the policies?
The former adviser compared Starmer’s approach to that of Joe Biden, and characterized it as simply seeking to be “less offensive than the other side — so that you get fewer people who hate you and therefore vote for the other side.”

How Keir Starmer plans to make Labour great again

Labour’s leader, guided by policy chief Claire Ainsley, is focusing on values rather than policies.

By Charlie Cooper

8/31/20, 5:00 PM CET

Updated 9/1/20, 2:33 PM CET ... eat-again/
By crabcakes_windermere
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Admittedly I have some small personal bias in this regarding the players (I know Claire Ainsley from university, and she’s most definitely not conservative with any size of c), but I suspect there is a very careful long(er) game being played here. Establish Starmer as a very different leader to Corbyn first, then build policy around a trusted figure rather than trying to use policy to make an untrusted one appealing.
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