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By Boiler
A mate of mine feels that her background makes her completely unsuited to her role in education.

Mind you, this is the same person who sees UKIP as "centre-right".

I'd also endorse Abers's comments. I'll be in the shed if you need me.
By D.C. Harrison
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Boiler wrote:A mate of mine feels that her background makes her completely unsuited to her role in education.
Heard a bit of that myself. "She's never been to uni, so she's unsuited to the job" etc. Load of old bollocks, I'd say.
By Boiler
Malcolm Armsteen wrote:Tell them about Ian Cough's educational attainments.
I tried that.

I was dismissed as a typical PC leftie and again told why she's unsuitable for the post - single mum and trades union rep, 'do you really want people like her in charge of education?' (answer - 'more than I would bloody Gove', which then garnered the reply 'well, the lefty teachers need shaking up.')

I do also recall one or two posters on here comparing Ms. Rayner to a whale sandwich.
By youngian
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Very moved by Rayner's description of the Syria bombing vote: "Whatever lobby you went through you knew people were going to die and MPs from both sides were sobbing in tears afterwards at the burden of their decision." One of the most poignant anti-populist political statements I've heard in a long while.
By mattomac
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The comments about knowing her place at 17 as a single mum were exactly why we need people like her in politics.

Irony is the Tories just a few short years ago were openly criticising the Labour Party for not having enough working class Mps from poorer backgrounds. You get the likes of Jess Phillips and Angela Rayner and all they can do is snipe.

I'd love my MP to understand at least some of troubles I face.
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