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Emily Thornberry accuses Chuka Umunna of virtue signalling on EU vote ... on-eu-vote" onclick=";return false;
Emily Thornberry accused Chuka Umunna and other Labour Brexit rebels of “virtue signalling”, and fighting “faux battles” after three of the party’s frontbenchers were sacked for voting with his amendment.

The shadow foreign secretary said the rebels’ approach had unnecessarily exposed Labour divisions at a time when the party should be presenting itself as an alternative to Theresa May’s minority government.

“I don’t really understand it: I think there’s a little bit of virtue-signalling,” she said. “Chuka and me really don’t have a great deal of difference between us, and I think what’s unfortunate about what happened yesterday was that at a time when we could be exposing the differences in the Tory party, it was felt appropriate to have a vote on the single market”.
I guess there's an irony of a hate pillar of UKIP using the language of the alt-right.
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Catkins wrote:Indeed. And he sacked Catherine West who campaigned on a platform of opposing Brexit was just about the only MP to put Jezza all over her election leaflets!
Quite a few of the new intake seemed to be happy to use Corbyn's name on their election stuff. Laura Pidcock, Chris Williamson (if he can be described as new) and Jared O'Mara spring to mind, but I'm sure there were plenty of others.
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