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By Tubby Isaacs
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First of all, Greater Manchester continues to support building both HS2 and Northern Powerhouse Rail all the way and in full. We need the right north south and east west connections for the North West, Yorkshire and the North East. London has never had to choose between rail projects. Why should we?
You aren't being asked to choose. It's a question of not being able to build everything you want at the same time. Lots of people in London would like Crossrail 2, but accept that it won't be delivered for a long time.
Whilst we are not opposed to making cost savings to HS2, what we won’t support is making all of those savings in the North. We cannot support a situation where the Government builds a high-spec rail link between London and Birmingham, and a lesser-class rail link between the Midlands and the North.
Who is proposing this?
Because HS2 has been designed as a north to south terminus station at Piccadilly Station, what’s on the table simply isn’t the right solution for the vital east-west connections across the north
Given that, as you complain, HS2 won't reach Manchester for ages, it's not really "on the table", is it? Both HS2 and HS3 are being taken forward in planning.
The right solution for Piccadilly is the right solution for the whole of the North. A recent report commissioned by Manchester City Council by experts at Bechtel shows that this can be done by a shorter tunnel from Manchester Airport to central Manchester, releases much needed investment to design the kind of station we need Piccadilly to be
A shorter tunnel? Good luck with all the people who'll now be complaining about trains ruining their area. Evidence from the Southern Section is that you'll be building more tunnels than you plan, not fewer.
Once NPR is complete, continue building HS2 south from Manchester, utilising the shared infrastructure between Manchester Airport and Piccadilly.
And Birmingham? While all this goes on, Birmingham just sits there with the same shitty onward connections northwards, right?
By Samanfur
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There was a motion on unequivocal support for HS2 at Labour's NW regional conference this weekend. It fell.

The motion spoke purely about reducing capacity by removing inter-city trains from the network, but didn't reference at any further infrastructure of the lack of east-west connectivity.

There'd been a Transport for the North fringe an hour or so previously, where TfN themselves were saying that offering TfN or HS2 as an either/or was doing the north down, since you couldn't see Londoners being offered either HS2 or Crossrail without an uproar.
By Tubby Isaacs
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I don't really get the logic of that. Nor with Burnham's "offer". It's like they're saying "we'll support HS2 but only if you do build HS3 as well". That's an odd way to negotiate. I suppose the thinking is that the government needs "northern" support for HS2 to go ahead. But how much does the government want HS2 anyway? Certainly elements in government are trying to get it canned via leaks. There's got to be a risk the second phase gets canned.
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