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It's time he had a thread on him. Anyhow here he is saying members should be free to choose a leader without MPs permission. ... w#comments" onclick=";return false;
Labour members should be free to choose their next leader without needing the permission of MPs, the shadow fire minister Chris Williamson has said, arguing that those who oppose changing the rules are frightened of democracy.

Williamson, a strong supporter of Jeremy Corbyn, said it was looking “very, very positive” for changes to be passed at the party’s autumn conference next month to ensure candidates for the Labour leadership need only the support of 5% of MPs and MEPs instead of the current threshold of 15%.

The rule change is referred to by critics as the McDonnell amendment as it would make it easier for John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor, or another candidate from the left to succeed Corbyn when the time comes.
Mate I'm opposed to this amendment because it's about rigging the system to suit your faction. Don't try to con me Chris I can see straight through you.
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