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Think this needs it's own thread now as it's polluting a number of other threads (JC, Labour Generally, Haddock etc.). It seems that last week one of the "JC9" candidates Peter Willsman engaged in an extraordinary rant about Jewish Trump fanatics and how this anti-Semitism stuff was all the usual stuff like smears etc. This was while he was in a room with, among others, several prominent members of the leadership including Corbyn himself. ... i-1.467802

Anyway, the boy Owen has had his say;

And boy are the faithful unhappy at him;

And just to bring it back to the Haddock thread being referenced, he's one I would like to see hit by one ()not Streeting)

cycloon wrote:
Tue Jul 31, 2018 9:48 am
I must confess I don't get all this,
What I do get is that even a half decent leader would have batted away this nonsense. I also get voters on the doorstep who say "Look at the state of Corbyn and the party he is running. You seriously want me to make him PM?"
Is Corbyn really so insecure that he has to have 9 people supporting him elected, even if one of them is clearly not fit to hold office?

If he is then it speaks volumes to him as a leader. If he is not then there is no harm to be done by slinging Willsman out by his ear and (shock horror) allowing a non-Corbynite onto the NEC.
Winegums wrote:
Tue Jul 31, 2018 11:13 am
How does Corbyn bat this away
Well, in the words of the old joke, if that's where you want to be you shouldn't start from here. The Livingstone business poisoned the well, and then the modification of the IHRA definitions put the lid on it.

Firstly, act against the anti-semites. Quickly, not two years later. Hang an admiral or two, pour encourager les autres.

Then accept the IHRA definitions. No caveats or the usual mumbling about wrongs on both sides.

Apologise, fulsomely, often and deeply. Break bread and eat salt with a rabbi or two at Shabbat dinner. Grovel.

Then change a bit, get rid of the dogma, listen to the party.

That might work.
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Its too late for Corbyn but you define yourself before your enemies do it for you and distance yourself sharpish from anyone that impedes that goal. Jez can imagine rainbows in the far distant future but more than one step ahead.
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By crackey, there's some dentition on display there!

But can you imagine what the pro-Palestinian movement inside Labour would say to that? Because it's keeping faith with them that is at the root of Jezza's problems.
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