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Tubby Isaacs wrote:
Fri Jan 04, 2019 8:50 pm
The Milton Keynes bit is a gag, isn't it?
Plenty of the things Boris Johnson has got in trouble for were thought to be said as jokes too. Doesn't mean they weren't worthy of him being pulled up for.
Yeah, I don't think there's much in this, really. Though I also accept that people flagging it up aren't "smearing"- there's not trust at all because of other stuff he's done and said.

Before I looked it up in connection with this story, I didn't know there was a specific Nazi-era "Jewish Octopus" trope.

Image ... usNAS1.jpg

But Christ, I knew straightaway that the phrase didn't smell right. It's incredible that somebody like Linton, at the age of 65, could have come out with this stuff.

That's Churchill there, as the Jew-controlled octopus.
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Thats the problem, isnt it? The odd ill-judged remark could be written off as a smear campaign.

But his history is riddled with this stuff. Murals, wreaths, speeches using antisemitic tropes.

At the very least it shows him to be utterly comfortable in the company of rabid antisemites. AT worst it suggests hes one of them.
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Yeah, there's certainly enough that's at best extremely careless. As Dsvid Paxton said, you hear about him "fighting anti-Semitism" all his life but you don't hear about him having done anything much v anti-Semites who flock to supporting Palestine.

There's an element of unfair guilt by association in that latest stuff though. The (extremely unusual) orthodox Jewish bloke he's applauding isn't a Holocaust Denier, but seems to have made an extremely ill-advised trip to a "conference" full of Holocaust Deniers with the intention of putting them right. I think it was his group that Corbyn cited as evidence of him having good relations with Jews. Spectacularly crass.
I think one issue is Corbyn’s history of fighting anti-semitism - indeed fighting anything - is this:

1. Soundbites saying how much he does/how he has fought against/for X all his life
2. Attend protests/seminars/conferences, make speeches, put forward gesture motions that never get support

And that’s it. It’s all saying the right thing that is neither exclusively something he does (though to hear his supporters talk of him, you’d think e.g. no one had opposed apartheid until Jezza rocked up), being seen to be in the right places and being seen to be railing against the classic ‘baddies’ as far as socialists are concerned.

Now, though, he’s in a position of power to do something...but he’s still more or less doing the same as he always has. Saying he opposed anti-semitism but not taking swift action or condemning allies when they come out with awful stuff. Saying he supports women but letting his own female MPs get horrendous abuse from his supporters without uttering much more than a ‘these people don’t speak for me’.

It’s not a media bias thing - though it is a gift to them. He’s just a cloud of righteousness that wafts around but never deals with obstacles, just taking the path of least resistance and going around them.
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As an addendum, before anyone asks what should he do - I’d like to see him condemn antisemites with as much anger as he can muster for journalists who ask him awkward questions, rather than coming over every time like it’s a chore to have to state what a saint he his.
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