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By Boiler
Malcolm Armsteen wrote:
Fri Jul 19, 2019 5:59 pm
The McCluskey mafia at work? ... l-11766424

Once again, Corbyn comes across as out of his depth, exerting some malign influence.
For some reason Malc, that link just will not open?
By Boiler
I suspect it's something to do with both my Firefox settings and a couple of plugins; if someone posts a link to a site I can't just click on the link, I have to do a right-click and "open in new tab". Something - be it Ghostery or AdBlock Plus - doesn't like the Viglink redirects.
Some response from John Ware to Labour here. ... e-1.486586

Quite categorical on a couple of points.
Mr Ware was shocked that Labour’s complaint had “suggested that some of the whistleblowers had quite deliberately generated emails requesting advice from Mr Corbyn’s office on antisemitism cases so they could later smear him.”

He added: “That level of Stalinist paranoia is breathtaking.

“It is like dealing with a cult. They ascribe the darkest of motives to both us and the whistleblowers and that is just really stupid.”
Labour said in its response that this email was in fact about “caution being exercised when taking action against Jewish people accused of antisemitism” and that because the BBC omitted Mr Milne’s earlier words — “if we’re more than very occasionally using disciplinary action against Jewish members for antisemitism” — the meaning was deliberately changed.

Mr Ware defended the decision to show only part of the email for clarity: “When you unpack what we left out of that email and the events that led up to it, the picture that emerges is much darker than our summary goes.”

Others have pointed out that the full email shows Mr Milne suggesting that Jews should rarely be suspended for antisemitism — in other words, attempting to protect members of the Corbynite group Jewish Voice for Labour such as Mr Secker.

“Why they quoted that in their defence I don’t know. Their analysis of that email is so disingenuous it beggars’ belief,” Mr Ware said, describing the complaint as “utterly preposterous. Never mind me, why would the legal department at the BBC sanction deliberately misleading the public?”
Tubby Isaacs wrote:
Fri Jul 19, 2019 8:06 pm
Never mind me, why would the legal department at the BBC sanction deliberately misleading the public?”
[/quote] ... ate-labour

Yeah, never happened before :roll:
Tubby Isaacs wrote:
Fri Jul 19, 2019 8:45 pm
It's also not unknown for Labour to attack media organizations and then drop it.

We await the EHRC.
The BBC are still awaiting for Jeremy gto formally complain. ... aretwitter
The BBC has yet to receive an official complaint over its recent Panorama investigation into the Labour party’s anti-Semitism scandal, even though Jeremy Corbyn’s office briefed the media about threats to retaliate against the public broadcaster.

Last week, the Panorama investigation “Is Labour Anti-Semitic?” featured whistleblowers who claimed that senior officials close to Corbyn interfered when the party was trying to deal with anti-Semitism allegations made against members.

Before the programme even aired, Labour took the unusual step of lodging an official complaint to the BBC — without having seen what the investigation uncovered — demanding that it not go to air. The broadcaster dismissed the complaint.

Then, immediately after the programme aired last Wednesday (July 10), Labour released a statement to journalists which, among other things, said the party would “be pursuing complaints [against the BBC] at every level”.

In the days after the episode, Labour stepped up its attacks on the BBC, with a Labour spokesperson briefing the media that the party intended to make a “full complaint” about what it claimed were “invented quotes and edited emails” and the “heavily slanted and inaccurate” reporting.

"Labour will call for the programme to be removed from BBC iPlayer until basic facts are corrected, full and unedited quotes are used, and an apology is issued,” the spokesperson said.

During a briefing for political journalists on Wednesday, Labour’s spokesperson was also asked whether the Panorama programme would lead to resignations within the party. According to the Daily Mirror, the spokesperson replied that it should actually lead to resignations within the BBC.

But a well-placed BBC source has told BuzzFeed News that despite all the threats, the broadcaster has not received an official complaint, more than a week after the programme aired.
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Think that's just Labour taking their time with the detail.

Looks like another unforced error by Labour in putting forward a JVL supporter for bridge building with the wider Jewish community. Her twitter disappeared about this time, which isn't great.
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