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These words from Margaret Hodge sum the situation for me. ... D29qMAcA08
Over the last few days people have said to me, “Well done, Margaret, you won.” But as I reflect on the last five years, my biggest regret is that many of us have been forced into fighting a destructive and inward-looking battle within the Labour party. The problem of anti-Jewish hatred could have been dealt with easily and swiftly, and an investigation by the equalities watchdog could have certainly been avoided. But the obsession of the hard left with seizing control of the Labour party came at the cost of ignoring anti-Jewish racism, trashing our credentials as an anti-racist party and ultimately played a major role in our losing the last general election.

All that energy could have been channelled into fighting the Tories at the last election. Things could be so different today with a Labour government. And that is the tragic legacy of Corbyn’s tenure – he alienated Jews, he failed the Labour party, and he let down the country. Finally, that era is over.

He released a statement, timed to take attention away from the official party statement, and while accepting some responsibility, managed to say both "zero tolerance for discrimination" and "load of fuss blown out of proportion by hostile media". You can't have both.

As I've said before, racism comes in many forms, and it doesn't make sense. But there are plenty of people for whom antisemitism is the line you just don't cross. People who will make horrible comments about Muslims, BAME people, LGBTQ people, and so on, they just won't go there. Many reasons, who said it's supposed to make sense.

Third, after a summer of watching the Tories doing favours for friends, or making exceptions to rules for their mates, it's essential that Starmer leaves absolutely nobody in doubt that "yebbut he's a mate" doesn't fly here. And I think this is the crucial one. Here's why.

Yes, there's an inherent right wing bias (perhaps in some areas a "better the devil you know" bias) in the media. But Rupert Murdoch isn't going to wake up tomorrow and say that he's been beastly about Labour and all that has to change. No matter how useless Johnson is, they will only switch support to Labour when they're convinced that it's better than the worst Tory they can dredge up. They won't say "Johnson out, Starmer in", they'll big up Gove or Patel or whoever. And any reason the Tories can exploit will be used for that. So don't give them any ammunition, no opportunity to say that Starmer's all mouth and no trousers (which Gove is already doing).
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The way I see it, Corbyn helped Starmer out of a hole yesterday.

But for Corbyn, yesterday's news would have been dominated by Labour's terrible record on antisemitism and demands for Starmer to get shot of those responsible. He could have been painted as weak and indecisive. Instead, by forcing his hand, Corbyn has made him look strong, principled and efficient and the news is now dominated by Starmer repairing the damage done by antisemitism under Corbyn.

Yet again, Corbyn's misjudgement has caused him to hoof the ball into the back of his own net.
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Uggh. What a feeble opportunist wanker. Fortunately I suspect Starmer could make quick work of Gove without breaking a sweat. Still galling to see the Tories attempt to take the moral high ground on this.

Give Boris a little rest from the mauling and let Gove face Keir next Wednesday, please.
Boiler wrote:
Fri Oct 30, 2020 9:31 am
I gather Chris Philp (no, me neither) tried to make hay out of this on QT last night... but was comprehensively schooled by Bonnie Grier :lol:
We can look forward to Darren Grimes running the same script (once he's memorized it).
Worth noting that the Tories are still under investigation following Baroness Warsi's complaints.

You wouldn't know it if you only read the press.
Many of them seem to have forgotten it.
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