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"Being paid off" is a phrase with negative connotations in itself. Nobody "gets paid off" by the scouting association. The phrase implies something underhand, dishonest, crooked.

I'm not naive. I appreciate that all governments and organisations have agendas and seek to influence people in positions of power. Because that's how you get things done. Sometimes it's done through petitions, sometimes through meetings. As long as there's no bribery taking place, no form of lobbying (because that's what your petition is) is inherently better than the others. But now we've reached a stage where apparently a canape at a reception is morally equivalent to a brown envelope full of used twenties.

Partly, I suspect, because people making the "paid off" jibes don't either see that kind of money, or get invited to those receptions.
By oboogie
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No evidence that the person who hand delivered the letter is a Labour Party member however, whoever it was, had a Parliamentary pass which is alarming in itself.

Some of the comments are vile.
Do they have CCTV in the HoCs, anyone know?

In any case, a handwritten note is likely to be riddled with DNA so hopefully Plod will get the culprit in due course.
That pesky media and their made-up conspiracy theories consisting of actual recordings of people saying crappy stuff and politely laughing and applauding eh? ... s-1.480882

Dark fucking forces. Is Corbyn Luke Skywalker now?

Again, I'm convinced that these simpletons have got so obsessed with thinking everything is a conspiracy against Corbyn that they can't see any problem with applying it to Jewish people, completely ignoring the whole "Jewish people run everything" horse shit is antisemitic because it's been used time and again as an excuse to target them (because let's face it, if Jewish people DID run everything and have done for centuries, given what has happened to them you'd have to conclude they're pretty fucking shit at it).

Antisemitism by way of complete idiocy and paranoia. Great.
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Clusterfuck update: woman being sued for libel who has been drafted in to help with antisemitism process suggested being more lenient on party member who said an antisemitic mural was great and should be kept even after JC said it was antisemitic.

I mean, if you want to make it look like your top team try to go easy on people every single time, this it exactly what it would look like.
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