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Anyone else see tonight's Panorama? Missed the first 20 mins, but what I saw disgusted me, the way Corbyn and his inner circle have corrupted the party and allowed the poison to enter the party. The worst part was hearing from Jewish members who have been abused by their fellow members. I curse the day Corbyn became leader.
‪Viewers will ask if those witnesses look like credible honest people. Yes very.‬ The French guy interviewed Stephane was an enthusiastic Corbyn supporter but always very welcoming to party members of all views. He was originally sceptical about the anti-semitism allegations despite being Jewish so he’s an unlikely candidate to be a Blairite plotter.
By Boiler
I think it's been suggested it's not 'official' policy, TWA. But the suggestions are straight from the modern politics playbook.

Ever get the feeling that it would be nice to go into stasis/hibernation for say, a year just to clear the brain of this poison?
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Looks like a mixed programme. Labour have picked up on a couple of examples of what look like shoddiness (at best). The killer figure of only 15 expelled may be a bit like the figure that Toby Young likes to quote for teacher sacked for incompetence- ie the vast majority realise the game's up and walk.

Those NDAs sound like NDAs though.
youngian wrote:
Wed Jul 10, 2019 11:52 pm
These young party workers are liars is the backdoor message about ‘BBC smears.’
Those same workers who have been suffering from mental health issues as the result of the toxic working environment that was created.
I notice their stock line about the interviewees was "disaffected former members". Reminded me a fair bit of a certain poster on here when talking about dissidents of the cult.
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