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One of the staffers featured is interviewed in the Jewish Chronicle. ... r-1.486310
Labour’s former head of disputes has accused Jeremy Corbyn of having done more than “any modern day political figure since the Second World War to bring about the rise of antisemitism.”

Sam Matthews – who lifted the lid on his time working for the party on Wednesday night's damning BBC Panorama expose of Labour’s handling of complaints involving Jew-hate – tells the JC how he was driven to the brink of suicide as a result of the intense pressure put on him by Mr Corbyn’s closest aides to deliver their extremist political project.

Mr Matthews reveals how during his two-year tenure working at Labour’s headquarters in central London, he personally witnessed interference in a raft of high profile antisemitism cases by Mr Corbyn as well as senior party figures such as general secretary Jennie Formby, chief of staff Karie Murphy, Seumas Milne, the leader’s director of strategy and Andrew Murray, another key Corbyn adviser.

“My view is that Jeremy Corbyn has done more than anyone in modern political history to bring about the rise of antisemitism,” he says.

“I saw first-hand the way his people operate and the way they allowed it to happen. I witnessed a deliberate attempt by these people to redefine what constituted modern day antisemitism – mainly so they could let their mates off the charge.
More Blairite smears emerge
Labour's Jewish affiliate has said that 30 whistleblowers have come forward to detail their experiences of the party's handling of antisemitism allegations.

The Jewish Labour Movement told Sky News that it has heard from current and former staff members and party officers on the issue, despite the party being "very keen on silencing those who wish to come forward".

One whistleblower, former head of complaints Sam Matthews, told Sky News that leader Jeremy Corbyn has "refused" to "take responsibility for what's happened" to the party. ... d-11761061

Jez has a handle on it
The Weeping Angel wrote:
Thu Jul 11, 2019 12:35 pm
If you have mental health problems you're a wimp.

Apart from being awful regardless of what you think of Panorama, it’s not even the same thing. Saying you got some abuse that you shrugged off at a demo you volunteered to attend - and thus knew what you were getting into is nothing like finding yourself under intolerable stress because you’re unable to do your job because of workplace bullying and interference.
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Good grief, this is *awful*. Bastani pretty much saying one of the people on Panorama shouldn’t have referred to his mental health because someone whose case he handled (and how, exactly, would he know that?) actually did commit suicide.

This is an absolute fucking masterclass in how not to deal with this kind of situation.

If you were actually trying to cock this up from a Labour perspective you'd struggle to do a better job than they've managed without even fucking trying
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I'll just leave this here. ... sh-people/
In an effort to de-escalate the controversy around anti-Semitism, the Labour Party has offered to explain to Jewish people what anti-Semitism actually is.

“Look, we know that Jeremy Corbyn could never, ever be anti-Semitic because he is just so brilliant,” explained Simon Williams, whilst wearing a ‘Jeremy Corbyn is brilliant’ t-shirt.

“So, then it follows that no one in Labour can be anti-Semitic either.

“So, the only explanation for Jewish people thinking Labour is anti-Semitic is that they don’t really understand what anti-Semitism is.

“I mean, that’s just logic.”
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Jennie Formby is either fit for work or she is not.
If Jennie Formby is unfit for work, why is she being made to work?
If she is fit for work, why mention her cancer, how is that relevant?
Here's how Jeremy treats people with cancer. ... 41341.html
Jeremy Corbyn appointed an MP to the Shadow Cabinet without telling her and while she was undergoing treatment for cancer, it has been claimed.

Thangam Debbonaire, who was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, made the allegations in a post on social media. She wrote: “Dear everyone who has asked me what my problems are with Corbyn's leadership, Here is my experience.

“Mr Corbyn appointed me and press released this without my knowledge or consent while I was in the middle of cancer treatment. He then sacked me the next day when he realised he had given away part of someone else's role. But didn't bother to tell me that either.
Just a reminder that if you are defending Corbyn over this then you're complicit in the abuse, victimisation and gaslighting of the Jewish community.
Tom Watson should resign and quit Labour. In fact, they all should - Owen Smith, Jess Phillips, Kier Starmer. Corbyn should produce some sort of pledge saying all MPs must support him and the party at all times or leave. Just fucking let them have it.

If Corbyn is so shit hot, let's see how he does with the absolute loyalty that's apparently key to him being anything other than fucking useless. If he isn't, well we'll find that out as well.
Labour members should respect the will of the Labour members in a previous vote and not attempt to extract the deputy leader in a coup to try and regain power.

That's how this shit works, right?
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